Anyone else having freezes/lag on psn with ssf4 today?

I double checked my download upload speed from charter, and its the same: 20 down, 2 up. But the thing is that since an hour ago, ALL my matches have had a small freeze from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, and then the fight continues like normal. I know this is not normal coz I have played these dudes before and never had that problem before.
If somebody else is having this kind of problem with the playstation network? That way I wont get pissed that its my ISP the one at fault or maybe my modem or router that I havent unplugged in quite a while.


This issue could be on their end instead of yours. Is this happening to everyone you’re facing or just these players you already encounter? Also, I recommend you to always do a reset on your router and modem to recycle the connection. This usually helps a lot.

Keep in mind that SSFIV has a terrible netcode in PSN wise. I can’t even play friends that are 10 minutes away from me. But, we can play other games without lag.

Thanks for the help man. I messaged 4 people I played with today to see what was their experience on the psn today, and they all agreed with me that they well also having lag problems as well. So the one at fault was the psn … as usual =/.
Im really tempted to buy an xbox 360 now.

its going to be the same. Not saying that xbox is terrible, but you’ll feel the same freeze and delayed.