Anyone else having problems with NVidia's new 334.89 Drivers?


I’m freaking out. I recently updated my driver to 334.89 and its causing some really screwy problems on my laptop. Anything rendered by the GPU (youtube videos and games INCLUDING ssf4…) all have a crapload of green artefacts and strange stretching/skewing of polygons on the screen. SSF4 AE too, and currently it’s unplayable. It either looks like complete barf, or the game will just freeze and Windows will prompt me that the program has stopped working.

I’ve tried completely wiping my drivers and nothing seems to be working. The fact that Windows still somehow manages to install drivers automatically even after deleting all Nvidia related folders is beyond me O_o and I wish it would stop doing that. It’s fucking annoying when there’s a specific driver I want to install but Windows auto-installs some shit.

Anyway, if anyone has a solution of some sort to this issue, it’d be really appreciated.

I don’t know if its useful information or not but I can run 3S on MAME with no problem and strange artefacts. But not SSF4 or KOF13.


Great fucking help you lot were. Lol it fixed itself somehow though, so its all good