Anyone else having problems with the Z-Axis Glitch?

I followed the tutorial that was released today, and I can’t seem to replicate it. I’m on a PS3 if that helps. I picked the same stage, same characters, and even the same costume (for Strider, don’t have Morrigan alt). I even did the same dropped combo, then did the same real combo, Lv3 XFC Lv 1 Whiff etc. Depending on how I time it, either Strider falls first or the screen goes black. When the screen goes black, I can still move/combo, but you can’t see anything except the HUD. Anyone else having this problem?

Same thing happens to me. I’m trying to get my inflating MODOK.

Ignore the combo, just start training in the corner as Strider, use the record feature to activate Morrigan shadow, cling to the wall and hold down, you’ll both pop off the screen.

I think it’s not possible on PS3. I was fucking with the glitch the other day, and I only get the black screen version of it 8same as you)

I am trying it in the PS3, but once I get the black screen, I can’t hit anybody with anything. Once I tag though, supers look to have more shadows and look cool.

It works fine for me… But I’m on 360.

Looks like PS3 users might be sol.

There is a thread dedicated to glitches.

Thread closed.