Anyone else having trouble inviting/receiving invites on Xbox Live?

I don’t know it’s really weird, if I invite they cannot connect to the lobby, if they invite I cannot connect to the lobby, I can’t invite/accept chat invites either.

I can however send messages (whoop-de-fuckin-do <_<). Anyone know if there’s anything I should be trying?

I’m connected via my router, but not using the wireless, the router and 360 are connected via an ethernet cable.

ya i think its a live issue, ive ben haviing similar problems with re5.

Yeah for some reason in SF4, I can never join a game. Doesn’t matter how many times I try I can never join. The only way I can ever play online is by creating a game. Very weird.

sometimes i have to try hard to join, but other day’s it go’s smoother

test your xbox live connection, do you get any type of errors?

update firmware on your hardware, depending on how you connect the Xbox 360 to the internet, you may have to do several things.

i had this problem where my NAT was strict, i updated the firmware on my router and it went to moderate/open. basically you mostly just have to open some ports up on your router and possibly change a few settings.

but yeah, go test your connection and see wussup first.