Anyone else hyped for destiny game on ps4

This game blew ppl away at e3 im more excited about this than cod ghosts


Dunno if I’m hyped, but I am interested. FFXIV may have stolen their sub moneys tho, I’m pretty decided on playin that ish.

Destiny has no subscription fees, anyways so why were people watching E3 footage and standing here simultaneously?

Not really, concept is great but what they showed at e3 looked rather disappointing, doesn’t look like they’re able to stray away from the Halo mechanics.

I’ve never played halo so I’m stoked.

I thought I remember reading it had a Fee. No? Dope dope. Get my serious science fiction Borderlands game on when it releases.

Not really. It’s in the 1st person, which disqualifies it from being part of my “gaming want list”.