Anyone else looking forward to the SF card game?

SF vs. MK trading card game. I think it sounds cool.

I am…but I didn’t know it was SF vs MK, I thought it was just SF…

Well, according to this:

(click the June 17 news update)

I am, even though I was looking forward to the Tabletop RPG from LRG last year, too. I hope they don’t get as bogged down as LRG has.

I hope I can buy the cards in sets, I don’t want to start buying packs of five until I get the whole collection. The last time I went through that nightmare was with Jim Lee’s X-Men card set, I got them all that way the year it came out, but it wasn’t easy.

Hey, on that site where it talks about SDCC it says Shin Akuma’s bust will have a different back engraving. YES! Hopefully it’s the Kanji he has on his back in CVS2 and CFE which is what I’m hoping.

this sounds kinda corny sfvsmk and i dont think sf is card game material >.>

I agree.

Sagat to Attack Mode -> wait, Tiger Knee? 50 pts of damage to Bison 2000? Bison has a special ability that allows him to summon Cammy, Balrog, Sagat, or Vega from the player’s deck…? Damn, I gotta wait 3 turns to use a jab…

Well, if it is any similar to SVC: Card Clash, then you might have something…bendable to the trend. Why card fighting anyhow? 5 characters on field to execute a fatality/super?..

when does this come out? how much? & what do they look like?

udon’s doing exclusive artwork for the card game

Though this may be good (and I hope SF3 gets good representation) I’m curious why an entirely new system was created instead of just making an an expansion to the VS card game system.

I heard this game comes out in Sept. This game sounds rad and I am hoping to get it. I’ll just end up looking at the pictures rather than playing it unless it’s good.

To be frank, the concept behind this game sounds like a blatant ripoff of Upper Deck’s Vs System. Of course, I’ll hold my final judgment until information about the system mechanics become available. And who knows… perhaps it’ll actually be fun!

What really has me baffled is the lack of information, especially for something that is aimed for a release in less than two months. Every other card game that I’ve played in the past release their information before its initial debut well in advance.

Apparently, what we do know is that the name of the game is called Epic Battles. If you notice in the disclaimer, you’ll see hints of perhaps future expansions with other Capcom blockbuster titles such as Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Breath of Fire, and MegaMan.

This game does have potential, no doubt. It’ll certainly attract a huge portion of TCG community, seeing that the demographic is, more-or-less, similar to the console gaming demograph, in which they’re more than likely familiar with Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. All Score has to deliver now is a good quality, playable, game. Easier said than done.

At least we know the artwork will be good. :slight_smile:

I am really interested in card games, but I really don’t like how its SF vs MK…

Hopefully they’ll scrap the MK part and come out with a really good SF one.

I feel the same way. I’m not into any of these card games, a kid I was minding tried to get me into Yu Gi Oh one time and it was boring as hell. Heroclix on the other hand is a way more interesting and fun collectable game, and at least you can display the figures when you’re not playing with them… with a card deck, you just stick it in a deck box. I’m also not too excited about the Mortal Kombat part.

I’ll probably buy a packet here and there just to see if I can get some Cammy cards out of it for my collection, and to check it out anyway, but I think I’ll end up just searching for the Cammy cards separate on eBay.

I’ll buy the game. Not sure if I’ll play it. I might just look at it. :slight_smile:

True dat. :clap:

im with gabrielzero im not into card games i end up gettin hooked on the

The card game isn’t really a SF vs MK thing. If you go to the site that is making the game…it is two seperate card games that can be played together (like the Marvel and DC). And it its not Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat…it’s Street Fighter 3 and Mortal Kombat: Deception. So, if they do have Liu Kang…that means he’s going to be a zombie :frowning:

Oh, and I probably won’t buy the MK:D cards. But I’ll definatly pick up some SF3 cards.

And if you read the thing it also says you can play as Blanka and M.Bison.

Ahh…well…ok. I just know what the Score site said…and it definatly said it was a Street Fighter 3 set. My bad. That was a bit ago, though…I guess it changed.