Anyone else not buying into the SFV hype?


The game just feels out of the gate way less compelling than SF3 or SF4 ever did.

Feels like the extreme limitation of options really just waters down the game and forces characters to use only the intended tools with little to no room for innovation - especially things like the Crush Counter system and the weird rules about getting them after certain moves.

I don’t think it’s a bad game but I’m just not enamored with it like so many streamers etc seem to be, I don’t get what they love about it

"If theres no capcom pro tour and this game came out... PFFFF"

Hype is different for certain people. I can understand not being as excited as others, but sometimes when we look for reasons to dislike something, it’s easy to find. This isn’t about you specifically, just in general. It might seem limited, but I feel like we’ve only began to touch the surface of the game.

Some things take time. When I first played SF4 Vanilla back in the day, I really disliked it. It didn’t even feel like a Street Fighter game to me; just a clunky ass game with ugly characters with big ass feet. It was disgusting to look at and play. However, that opinion changed the more I continued to play it. All I can say is you should probably give the game more of a chance before writing it off completely. The game will continue to receive changes throughout its lifespan, which will likely reach a point where you’ll begin to enjoy it more.

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[] When they first showed Ryu and Chun-Li I wasn’t hyped at all.
] I became interested whn Laura was revealed.
[] I missed all the betas and really started to get hyped around New Years.
] Now the game is out I love love love it!


I will say that your gripes are pretty vague, and perhaps if you care to elaborate I could try and understand what your issue is with SFV as of right now. In my opinion, the game is solid as it is, and the reason for my hype isn’t for the state the game is currently in, but what’s to come in the future. The possibilities are astronomical at this point and there’s so much potential to make the characters that I’d like to see make the roster fit perfectly with this new V-system.


Limitation of options…like SF3 (well, 3rd Strike at least)?

Because it’s a new game, an aggressive and mostly honest game without the bullshit exploits and mechanical overload of SF4.


I’m with you on this. I was SUPER hyped for the game when the first trailers were revealed. I missed the first 2 betas and was extremely disappointed. Then I got into beta 3 and was super excited. Then I started playing and I felt…eh.

Ever since I started playing in beta 3, I have not enjoyed a single game of SFV. With friends, online, whatever. With the only exception being the times my friends and I pick random characters we don’t use and screw around. Winning is extremely unsatisfactory to me and losing feels even worse than it usually does, even when it’s a close game. And lack of winning has nothing to do with it because I lost a lot when I played 3SOE (my record is something like 30-120) but still love 3S and since I’ve played mostly people who suck, I’ve actually won a lot more than I’ve lost in SFV. I’ve had to force myself to play this game because I know my friends as well as the tournament scene won’t play or at least won’t focus on older games (which includes SF4 at this point). I’ve tried out different characters thinking maybe I just haven’t found the right one. I’ve tried Necalli, Ryu, Ken, Bison, and Cammy with the latter 2 being my mains, but I don’t like playing any of them even slightly. I have to force myself or else I’ll never play it. And part of the reason I’ll keep playing is because I don’t want to fall so far behind everyone else if I ever do start liking this game.

I think it’s even starting to affect how I play. I was faking my excitement for the game as I was playing it and would usually beat my friends fairly consistently or at least go even with them. But in the past couple days, I can’t stand faking my hype any more and now I’ve started losing to them a lot. I’ve thought maybe they’ve just gotten better but when I look at what they’re actually doing against other people, they’re literally doing nothing new. They still mash buttons on wakeup, they still don’t whiff punish in neutral, they always go for throws in the same exact situations (different for each person), and their offense has very little variety. Then trying to see what’s gotten worse about me: I anti-air even less than I normally do, I drop easy combos I never dropped before (usually ones with REALLY unsafe enders), I seem to just get hit by things sometimes (not even challenging moves, just flat-out not blocking), my footsies are worse, I do wakeup moves more (even ones that aren’t even proper wakeup moves), and my own offense has become even more linear than before. Basically: I’ve gotten a lot worse. I’ve never been that great as a player, but I can study fighting games really well.

I couldn’t even tell you why I don’t like SFV though. On the surface, it has just about everything I want from an SF game, gameplay wise. And every time I try and think of a reason why I don’t like it, that reason usually contradicts itself because that’s something I like in an older SF game. The only thing I can think of is that maybe just all those little reasons COMBINED make me not enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed literally every other fighting game I’ve ever played, old and new, to some extent except this one and I have no real idea why.

I’ll keep playing in hopes that I do start liking it someday (maybe one of the DLC characters will click with me?) but until then, while I won’t say SFV is a bad game, I hate it.


Hate it.

Loathe it, in fact.

The current version, in my opinion, is trash and I want heavy revisions all the way around. I may be heavily biased on this, but seeing as I main ryu (At least until Ibuki is “ON THE SCENE!”), I realized that this game really gave him the pits. Other characters also don’t have many great options and push them to either have to get in close and take hits to win or just zone.

The ridiculous part is - is that the ones who need to get in close are the very ones with poor normals and the one who can zone have all the options and can also literally ex spam their moves with split second choices leaving a majority of them safe.

And I know, a lot of people will say, “Well maybe you just don’t play Ryu good.” or “Well have you been using his parry function/v-meter properly?” and the truth is = 8 out of 10 Ryu matches i’ve faced have been in my favor and I can say his parry function is really a love it or hate it situation. It can open doors, but it does not stop character’s quick recovery in some instances. You literally have to throw out your combo right after the parry to make it work. The fact that I get teched from a grab right after parrying is laughable as that would never happen in, say, third strike. Maybe it’s online play or what, but even following up with combos have ben blocked after the parry function and it kind of make the whole option of using it other than fear tactics more risk than reward.

Thing I hate about this game is I expected a cut above from IV. I expected a lot more “in your face” gameplay and not people zoning like in IV. And at the very least if it were there, there’d be better options to punish zoners. And that just isn’t the real case here when you have some characters who have limited options and while you can get great at them, you can still have that instance where even scrubs can body you because nothing you can do works as long as they block/tech and have higher priority over everything you do (which is vastly unsafe compared to everything they do.)

I kinda just expected if the game, as is, was to come out like this, it’d give better equal standards for all the characters, but instead it just seems like the whole gameplay revolves around how good the character is, instead of player skill. And don’t get me wrong - Almost every SF game has that standard of “how good the character is” to it with tiers, but 3s really did even the odds in player skill that IV and V just still aren’t getting the grapple on yet.

None the less, while I really hate it, I’m still enjoying it since it’s street fighter and it’s still version 1. So I hope it really gets better in time and these next couple of updates address some of these balance issues as well as give us more updates swifter than giving one character per month for a game we already paid 60 dollars for.

And furthermore, if the rumors are true, getting 100k fight money to buy a character (as opposed to buying DLC.) is again - ridiculous for a game we already paid 60 dollars for. Do stuff like that for character costumes or something instead of that survival mode crap (You could use the end prize for that for something better.), but not things like this.

I don’t expect a lot of folks to agree with my view or the whole rant, but there’s my two cents.


As a casual fan, I only returned to SFIV because it had all the World Warriors in it and the nostalgia of the characters brought me back to it. SF5 has removed many familiar faces which I’m not happy with.


the one thing that kind of pisses me off about this game is backroll and i feel like this mechanic will turn sfv into another defensive snorefest just like ultra was.

people want rushdown.


I forgot to add a few more things in.

I’d like to revise myself by saying I don’t hate the game (Loathe? Yeah I still do.), because I really still enjoy it and in it’s current state, hard earned wins feel a lot more rewarding. However, I feel this “cater to the casual gamer” business is not really enjoyable.

Sales? Sure, but it feels like this game is super toward casual players and the level of depth to more aspiring expert players is lost.

It’s there, don’t get me wrong, but with some characters it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And this is where it reminds me of IV. The fact that I may have to struggle with overheads or mixups with players who’ll always block/tech and then they’ll spam out ex moves that are super safe from punish - means that not only is this bad, but it only takes one hit confirm for them to then spam that out into a super (I’m looking at you, Cammy.)

The whole SUPERs that make a complete turn around in the match, especially when it’s a Nash, Bison or Cammy player who either spams or zones and does one rare hit confirm and then either run the rest of the match can get infuriating when you have to chase them at some point before the timer dies. And it made me begin to think, “Is this what casual matches are all about? Zoning?”

The game needs a better combo system as well and maybe a faster pace. The pace is really fine, but I think a faster pace would do better to go against stopping certain bad habits that players do in this game.


I think you are right dude, I will remain patient and keep playing.

It’s a struggle though

3rd Strike had parrying as a universal system which gave you an out if you wanted to let it ride

I don’t really feel like this game is honest at all from the offensive perspective personally, the mixups seem nastier than any in 3S or USF4, stuff like the Nash teleport etc

double post


who’s the character with higher priority on everything he does?


I’m just gonna wait for SF6. V isn’t doing it for me and it’s dying any way.


ITT: sf4 players bitch about 5 not being 4, because if there’s anything we learned it’s that most of them never had to learn math in that game. SHORYUKEN

I especially like the “even scrubs can body you because nothing you can do works as long as they block/tech” line in reference to a game where crouch teching no longer works and blocking/teching is an educated choices rather than a mash. OH MY GOD I CANT ONLINE RETARD AND PRETEND I’M NEO!!!11!


Complaining about hit confirms into supers? What do these guys then think about 3S where all Chun needs to do is, eat a sandwich, then confirm SA2 into 40-80% damage.

Also, LOL at complaining about balance, it hasn’t even been a month and its way too early to complain about balance. Give it about 6 months or so (basically Evo) before you make an balance judgements. It’s pretty telling that different regions can’t agree on who’s top tier (except for Chun), with the US saying that Nash is top tier, but Japan saying no (and Daigo, Mago and Fuudo basically saying that Ryu is top).


Saying Ryu is top tier in the US pretty much makes you a laughing stock so it’s good to see a differing opinion somewhere else.


I more shocked about complaints about hitconfirm into super. I mean, that was by bread and butter in 3S when she had meter, other than that, I’d just press back+fierce and watch damage magically happen.


I don’t know, i am having the exact opposite experience with the game.
To me, this SF is like a comeback to the true nature of the series. I liked SFIV, but with his combos system, his focus, his stupid dmg scaling never really grow on me.
Plus, yeah SFIV has a really big roster after so many version of the game, but already SFV has more deepth to the characters. I played Sim, Bison and Necalli and all of them felt different, unique and compelling to play. I really want to try them all.
I liked how, for roster, capcom went for a “quality over quantity” approach, the different gameplay between characters is one of the most important thing to see in a fighting game, and SFV has it with his V system. The players do the rest.
And, btw, even if you can learn a character combos in like 1hr, i feel that SFV is all about matchups and experience. So, is kinda pointless for now talking about tiers, balance etc. It’s not that kind of game where you learn something cool, just spam it in training mode making yourself a machine and than go online. Learning a characters in SFV to me feel like learning a third strike character more than SFIV did. (OFC third strike is still another thing).

I am having a blast with this game, i love how neutrals and normals works, i love his flow. THe game has rythm.
Is always a matter of taste, but when people talk about “complexity of the game” and “limited option” i must disagree.


I wasnt hyped at all when i heard about SFV. I didnt even play the beta, I was disapointed with SFIV for my it was a piece of shit.
For some reason i dont know i decided to buy SFV and im glad i did.


I kind of feel the same in regards to the roster. After Ultra, I’m actually not looking forward to more chars. Exept for Alex. Really done with learning 40 matchups.