Anyone else not buying into the SFV hype?


i don’t really come here much anymore and it’s largely because sfv turned me away from the franchise in general, to the point my main game’s been xrd for the past 7 months. i loved sf4, but sfv is so incredibly boring and linear to me. neutered characters, the most boring footsies/neutral of any fighter i’ve touched, and all characters essentially want to run the same strategies, pressure and mixups. zoning is entirely non-existent as a viable strategy. in sf4, i could enjoy a heavily normal-based character like cody a lot simply because his command and close normals gave him access to such a wide variety of options for neutral and pressure (i.e. for crossups, to stuff bison scissors, great close normals, b+mp/st.hp/ anti-airs, 3f – just those few things gave him great diversity in gameplay.)

and this isn’t coming from someone who thinks sf4’s the best game ever, so it’s not like i’m some blind fanboy who hates on the next iteration and can’t adapt. i love and play almost all fighters i can get my hands on, and currently i still actively play xrd, killer instinct and skullgirls, but i also played mkx (good for casual fun, poorly designed as a competitive fighter) a lot and played tekken 1-6 pretty religiously for years.

i highly dislike the entire design direction of the game, and it saddens me as i really enjoyed sf4 and even though i was too late, had a lot of fun with 3s as well. but now, after the travesty that was sfxt and now sfv for me, i’ve lost any remaining faith in the company, which is sad as i really wanted to like sfv.

i hope there’ll be some patch in the future that’ll have a complete overhaul of system mechanics and revise all normals to diversify them (along with adding more close and command normals.) but maybe that’d ruin it for the people who enjoy the current version of sfv, so not sure what they’ll do.


But she’s a strong character even without her

Yes, your preferences would deviate this game from the track that I am personally very fond of.

I don’t understand how some claim there is no zoning in V and even point to IV as a better example when in fact every character could simply just FADC past fireballs - this makes not only zero but even negative sense to me.

That said, try zoning out Laura or Zangief; unless you mean zoning by totally and completely and entirely random fireballs, you should be able to give them a really hard time getting in - Laura has just that EX Elbow with 1-hit of armor, meanwhile in IV Zangief had a similar special move that would not only be spaced safely but also potentially leading to Ultra as of USFIV, and it boasted complete invulnerability like some jolly “Fuck it! Here I come!”-play from Zangief’s part, absurdly overpowered when you compare it to Laura’s.

SFIV was fun and I still play it, but I’ve never played a SF game that has felt as balanced and
fair as SFV does.


Preach it man. I still have fun playing Sim since I feel he has more flexibility in pressure and neutral than most of the cast, but still there’s only so much you can do with him after a while. I’ve hopped on the Xrd train too, and although everybody is still basically a rushdown character in that game there’s still a staggering amount of diversity in how each character rushes you down. It’s understandable that Capcom wanted to create a more aggressive game to make it more spectator-friendly but Xrd is proof that you can make an aggressive game without homogeneous characters and gameplay. I was really hoping V-system would be the spice that made each character feel special in SFV but most character’s V-skills lie somewhere between “useless” and “situational.” Meanwhile I’ve lost count of how many V-triggers just amount to “become a slightly better version of the same character for 30 seconds”.

The V-system made a lot of sense when they first revealed it because it seemed that Capcom was INTENTIONALLY making the core mechanics bland in order to make space for powerful and unique V-abilities, while avoiding the difficulties of balancing a universal mechanic like Focus Attack. But instead they just stripped down the core game without giving the characters enough flavor to make the game feel interesting.

Capcom have no doubt done a good job of keeping the game balanced, but only because they removed most of the things interesting enough to be overpowered. GGXrd is maybe not quite as balanced as SFV, but even the lowest tier characters in that game have truckloads of tools compared to SFV’s top tiers, since ArcSys’s balance philosophy is “make everyone badass” instead of “make everyone bland.”


I started playing ggxrd as well. I actually regret not trying it earlier. It’s so much fun. There are things in xrd that will take an sfv player years to master execution wise. Lol.

Funny how an anime game has far better ground footsies than sfv.

Not to mention strong oki all round. not the shit binary sfv oki that leads to nothing only you get back up to the terrible neutral ground game :confused:


Because focusing fireballs gives you grey health and people didn’t do it that often. Almost every character in SFV has one or more moves specialized for countering fireballs, specifically Ryu’s hadoken which is very punishable in this game. Chun v-skill hops over, cr.mps under, or reaction supers. Bison absorbs and builds meter and throws them back. Nash absorbs them and builds meter or v-trigger teleports behind you. Ryu parries them. Dhalsim slides under or counter pokes, or hovers over them with v-skill. Juri stops them with her qcf+kicks or teleports behind with her v-skill. Zangief tanks them with his v-skill for grey health (only thing in this game like FA and coincidentally everyone says Gief’s v-skill sucks) or punishes with his v-trigger lariat. Balrog v-skills, TAPs, or ex dash punches through them. Need I go on? Fireballs are NOT good in this game.


Great to hear some of you are jumping on the Xrd train. We’ll welcome you with open arms!

Hop over to the Xrd thread for any questions you may have -->Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures


You’re reaching for straws and wielding them like sais when you say FADC was barely present in IV but V-skills and such are omnipresent in V.

Fireballs are great in this game because

a) There’s no FADC
b) The damage is higher so zoning isn’t meaningless because a combination of a dozen fireballs, an anti-air and a combo leads to more than 30% health deficit for the opponent, meanwhile in IV they would be having an Ultra stocked at that point, together with the damn FADC


It’s not surprising a lot of people like this game. For the most part at mid to high(ish) levels you basically need to know very little about fighters to play it well and you can have a trash footsie game because it doesn’t really matter. Everything Street Fighter taught us over the years has just been washed away because of the casual market. The Pro’s are still Pro’s because they know every piece of frame data and have the best reactions and reads in the world. I’d even say that if you have good reactions and can make some educated guesses you would succeed fairly well in SF5. The mind games are one base level and go no deeper than - will I tech or will I not tech.

I know multiple guy’s online that play about 5-6 characters at platinum or above level at the same time because you can learn 85% of a character in a week. Just simply apply the same flow chart system but with said characters tools.

It’s a decent but uninspiring game, nothing about it is groundbreaking and IMO it’ll die within 2-3 years given that it’s pretty clear that Capcom are milking the living shit out of it until they’ve got enough cash to keep them running.

There is a decent game buried in there somewhere with some tweaks, but the lag just tops it off.


SFV & IV are about equal with me. Mechanically I prefer SFV because I am not strong or consistent when it comes to long chains but I read and bait at a high level.

SFV failed with the casuals because it is viewed as incomplete. The nature of the minimal content that was available at launch was ambiguous to anyone who doesn’t follow the FGC, no single player was being thrown around like a marketing phrase even if it wasn’t accurate. For cheap people such as myself we skip games that are viewed as a cash store with potential milking. I shied away from SFxT and KI for the same reason, I may be wrong but I wouldn’t know because I had the impression of an excessive monetization model.

SFV needs:

[] More content, it will continue to be viewed as inferior when compared to IV’s gigantic roster and easy mods.
] More robust Match making, game modes and social aspects. I know I am minority in this regard but I don’t really like the Glory hole 2 out of 3 and your done sterility of the online experience. Not often but I did chat with people in IV, some times the trash talk both ways is fun. I’ve talked shop and had some routine match friends it’s not particularly organic in V.
[*] A marketing Campaign with a new Ultra/Super/Turbo etc tagline to let the Casuals know it’s ready and spur second look reviews.


I said they didn’t focus fireballs that often, not didn’t focus in general. They did, but it came with the risk of losing the grey health if you get tapped. Most of the time they are blocked. Like I said, 5 Zangief has a similar option with his V-Skill and everyone says he has one of if not the worst V-Skill next to Mika. This is in a game where almost everyone’s V-Skill counters fireballs in some way.

Fireballs in 5 have more ending frames and are more negative on block, they are certainly NOT better than the fireballs in 4. Ryu can get sweeped after>hadouken by some characters.


There is no FADC but a lot of characters have a way to circumvent them pretty easily, and almost everyone does with meter stocked. The universal mechanic is gone but it doesn’t really matter when a lot of characters got better anti-projectile tools to compensate.

Also, the damage in SFV is ass, at least compared to 4. Most non-fireball special’s do straight less damage then they did in the last game, and I don’t see any heavy normals doing over 100 damage like in Ultra. A lot of characters could break 300 damage meterless from a jump in combo, where as in 5 a lot of characters (most?) can’t do that even with meter.


Fireballs are not that great in this game. They universally have longer recovery and hence much more punishable. As Koumori mentioned the characters all have tools to counter it now. Some have many many ways to around them.

Here are 2 games with quite a strong neutral fireball game. Where were all the FADC’s?

I don’t personally care whether or not they add FADC in again. But it is no where near as bad as some make it out to it. It was balance quite well in the risk/reward department. But you guys act like every single poke/footsies is fADC’ed and it that there was no counter. As mentioned, What about the addition of white health loss? Unless you’re playing a character Like Rose, Juri, Elena etc… you shouldn’t see that many Ultras in a game, (should be possible to see 4 per round,) but they aren’t that easy to land.

The way you guys talk about SF4. It’s like you had unlimited meter/health for FADC, ultras were landed the second they were available and footsies/neutral game were non existant.

The biggest irony is V-trigger for many characters, is a far better comeback mechanic than Ultras. All you need is one hit to do 400-500 damage+ (no CA) and good chance you’ll be nearly stunned.


Street Fighter never been about Oki. It being good or bad is inconsequential.


A lot of SF4 kids don’t understand that though. They think SF is supposed to be all about that those hot set ups and unblockables.


Funny thing is though, SF5 IS about set ups a lot of the time. It’s the only way you can guarantee block stun and continued pressure. That’s what I don’t get about the SF4 vs SF5 canned set up arguments. It’s almost MORE essential that you’ve got a bullet proof meaty set up in SF5 because the game designers deliberately made it easy to fuck up a meaty by one frame and eat a wake up button.


I don’t care what SF was always supposed to be about, but oki made SF4 that much more exciting. When you get knocked down, the pressure is on. In your brain you think “ok, this is bad for me, I have to be really careful and make the right decision here”. It made the battle for momentum with your opponent that much more important, as you sought to ride it all the way to the end of their lifebar , or carefully planned your wake up decisions as you try desperately to get some back. SFVs universal quick rising, along with its SFxT backrolls, forces matches to almost always be stuck in neutral, which in my opinion only detracts from the over all excitement factor of the game.

Now, unblockables nobody will defend, and that’s a different issue entirely. The way I see it: Capcom’s logic is that they REALLY wanted to avoid shenanigans like unblockables, and their solution was just doing away with hard knockdowns altogether, which in my mind is like burning down the orchard to get rid of your pest problem.


This made absolutely squat sense. “V is about setups, because it’s the only way to guarantee block stun and pressure” - if it’s the only fucking way, then it’s not about setups, is it?!!! Meanwhile in IV just about every knockdown lead to a setup - just watch some Cammy or Akuma, but here you are claiming the complete opposite like some demented hobo.

Every character had more ways past fireballs in IV in addition to FADCs.

I feel like I’m talking to a mushroom.

I’m out of this discussion - bye, bye.


Alpha 2 was also a very neutral heavy game with neutral resets after most everything. Gief SPDs you then gets thrown half way across the screen and has to tread back in. 3rd Strike let you tech almost everything other than supers as well.

I don’t mind neutral resets as you just get back up and continue fighting. You’re both able to get up and continue fighting after a tech quicker than a one sided oki situation any way. I understand liking guaranteed oki reward after knockdowns, but SF can usually stay pretty active without it.


This is what makes me raise eyebrows at the majority of the posts in this thread. SFV has issues even I don’t like but the complaints are way off base. A bunch of people that seemingly never played or followed anything else outside of SF4 talking about what happened in other games prior or what “SF is supposed to be”. Comments like the one below kinda baffle me.

I can introduce you to 3s and A3 players on Fightcade (and even SF4 players btw) that can do the exact same thing. I myself have never spent a day in my life in training mode doing anything other than practising Urien Tackle-Tackle-Headbutt and a couple awkward V-ism combos yet play more than half the cast in either game comfortably at a competitive level and both those games are harder to play even at a fundamental level than easy mode modern SF games like SF4 and SFV. It’s a natural progression for anyone decent at any fighter to be able to understand what even foreign characters want to do and how to play them after enough time. Acting like SFV is somehow worse off or supposed to be different in that regard is laughable.

And as someone that has multiple super/platinum CFN accounts myself, I can tell you with few exceptions the online warrior platinum level largely isn’t exactly top 8 at major material anyway. You’re supposed to be able to play 5-6 characters at that level if you’re half decent and are actually learning the game as opposed to grinding points. I play that many and I’m not a strong player in SFV at all.


Sorry I can’t even understand what you are typing. You seem to be confusing standard pressure with mix ups.