Anyone else notice how strongly lag affects Balrog?

I’ve noticed that more than any other character, lag really messes with Balrog.

It becomes virtually impossible to utilize his strengths with spacing and counterpokes because you don’t really know how close you are at any moment and by the time you try to counter your opponent has recovered.

With really bad lag, charge inputs seem to whiff if not timed differently when cancelling, and it becomes extremely difficult to reaction ultra a projectile (basically removing it from his arsenal entirely).

When I play offline, it’s like I’m playing a totally different character. I’m starting to hate online because so many people seem to tolerate playing with REALLY shitty connections, and it affects Balrog so much since he’s a reaction based character.

My life online. losing to kids who play for 10 minutes versus me playing for 4 years loooooooool what a funny game

So it’s not just me that notices this. That’s good to know. With perfect conditions, I’m an absolute beast with Balrog, yet if theres any lag, my gameplay really suffers by losing to characters that I know I can beat (pretty much any character that doesn’t have a projectile or a strong crossup).