Anyone else really obsessed with Dudley's persona?

I love everything dudley! I love his quotes, love his demeanor, love his fighting, love funny videos of him on youtube. I love dudley! I want to be wealthy and classy like him, and he has a huge bulge that I have penis envy for.

Is anyone obsessed with dudley? He is the coolest character ever in Street Fighter! Maybe it’s his billionaire playboy lifestyle that I am in love with. He’s just classy as fuck!

It goes to say that Dudley is indeed a noble representative of the higher class and undeniably the gentleman that a respectable demographic strives to become.

He’s a tall, handsome, tan, blue-eyed gentleman with class and dignity. Every girl’s dream.

Nah, more seriously though… To put some meat in your thoughts (hrrm), I think the fact that his playstyle in the game - getting close, hard buttons, no gimmicks - matches his persona, is the biggest draw.

He’s one of the most perfectly realized and clearly defined characters in Street Fighter. Opposite examples are E.Ryu and Poison - there’s nothing about their persona that matches their gameplay uniquely. Dudley is a concept for grown-ups, that attracts a lot of people.