Anyone else retire from gaming recently? Why?

That terminology is older than 2000, but these days people get off on saying that shit, because it’s new to them. There was a point in time when I could have a discussion about fighting games in public without feeling like a complete jackass, and that time has passed. But that’s mostly the Internet’s fault for making a mockery of human interaction.

I parabolaed back around to playing D&D again like I’m 13 once more. shrug

I have to admit, majority of the FGC are kind of lame to hang with. But I did meet some cool people in the tournament scene. Especially the group I use to game with. We were all a little older and we met at the arcadse back in the days. I remember we use to go to the bar and go to the club after a long session of gaming. On the flip side, I remember I went to Evo 2011, and there were some guys from my local scene. None of my crew went with me, so I was by myself. Those guys were pretty lame, they were playing games in the ball room, long after they were eliminated from their games. Me, once I got eliminated I was MIA from the Evo ball room the entire weekend, save for a casual here and there and the Finals.

Hard to say, but I did. Just a mighty change of heart and life.

I’d say I left gaming as a hobby when I started 3s (thankfully got to go to E3 right before that since thats the last year I’d care). Stopped caring about anything beyond the new MGS game after that. I don’t believe games are generally worse now, just got different interests now. I think the only games I played on my PS3 were MGS4, MGS:HD Collection, and MGR. And with arcades pretty much gone I barely play 3s anymore.

I can’t say i won’t play games. I still play wrestling games like dor2 for gc imo the best wrestling game ever besides no mercy. But those are what i play mostly with my friends and stuff. But i don’t play any current gen games at all.

But honestly i met sfiv fags, horrible. Honestly then the marvel3 people who are made up of the worst fags. Mk9 was the best of this gen, then they fucked it up by patching. Kof13 is great.

But honestly i like games, but the community is shit. Especially the bunch who bash a game and bash people playing it without playing it.

Like those mk dudes who hated on fatal fury 2.

You know what game never gets old? Ball in a cup

Getting old means getting bored with what you liked, then playing the older stuff to remember when

San Andreas>>>>all other gta

There’s a point in your life when you have the time, energy, and inclination to stay plugged into this stuff no matter how fast it’s arriving, evolving, being replaced… and after a while of all that, you just figure, “Enough’s enough.” Once that happens, once you lay down the controller, stuff starts passing you by. And it only gets faster and faster.

I don’t think I’ve touched a single game from the latest generation. I tried out a couple editions of SFIV and MvC3 just to see how they tickled me, but that’s the most current I’ve looked at. I have no idea what the kids today are up to and I’m not sure how much I care.

That’s not to say that I don’t play video games at all anymore, but I’d rather play something that I already know the intricacies of and can appreciate–instead of all this new stuff that, last time I checked in, I found severely lacking.

I won’t say that today’s games suck, mainly because I don’t have the necessary experience to say such a thing, but they’re definitely a step down from what we used to have. I think this is more a function of today’s game design trends than anything else. There’s too much investment in treating people’s self-esteem with kid gloves. If you go back far enough, games were murderously hard (8 bit era, especially), and for a while after that, we had a sweet spot where games were easy to get into, yet challenged you more the deeper you got. I think we’re well past that.

You never know where that crazy thing’s going to go.

I got a job, got married, had a kid, and bought a house. There’s literally no time to play games anymore, so it’s not like I quit by choice. I still get to play once in awhile, like last night I played an hour of Diablo and the other Friday I got to play Street Fighter at a friend’s place for a bit.

I hear ya Brahn. I like to think of myself as a casual gamer and I don’t think I can never fully let go of gaming aka ‘retire’. I just don’t play as much compare to when I was in my teens. Between the 9-5 grind and picking up new hobbies(trying to learn acoustic, surfing, noob stock trading, hiphop dance etc), just don’t have the time as I used to. 3S is probably the only game I play consistently online nowadays and 3DS. The important thing is as long as you are having fun whatever you are doing, its not a waste of time. Priorities tend to change as you age.

Sometimes you just get bored of the same shit.

some times I dont want to deal with the human race, then theres video games. Its like an escape to other world. Ya I know its sad, but theres no law that says I can kill people for other people being child molesters, or any time you read the news or watch the news and see all these fucktards that need to be put out of their misery for dumb fucking shit like killing their own kids is kind of fucking sad also

I just collect arcade hardware from the year 2000 and under. I am ok with that.

^That’s fuckin’ awesome. That’s one of my future hobbies once I buy a home. I’m imagining a basement full of late 80s-early 2k+ arcade. A nigga can dream~

I don’t see myself ever quitting gaming. I toned it down over the years due to my career, bills, and other things that always comes first. But I can’t give up on gaming, and some other hobbies, that I have been into and kept me happy for so many years. Hell, if I didn’t have gaming in my life I would probably blown my brains off with all the stress and nothing to escape from it.

man this is one depressing ass thread

I was forced into retirement after the world video game commission saw those candid pics with of me with the 2016 Chinese Olympic gymnastics team.
I am still the best though.

The moment they announced a universal launch button in MvC3 a little piece of me died inside.

I humbly admit gaming is more escapism for me. It’s starting to lose its magic though. The last of us is getting solid 10s across the board but it looks mediocre to me. I’ve been putting more time into VF5FS but I can be doing more productive things in my life. Honestly the things this entire community can accomplish if they spent as much time on their real life problems rather than x or y game. I’m not talking about people who have their shit together but peeps on SRK know who they are.

Quitting games translates to me as no longer putting in the extra time and effort. Playing casually will happen but it wont be playing with purpose.

I wish there was a “half-agree” button.