Anyone else signed up for gmail lately?

Trying to sign up for gmail but can’t seem to get past the final hurdle of the verification code usage. Due to spam bots and whatnot they call you with a verification code. Catch is, I’m not presented with anyway to use this code. When I select the “call with code” option, the page refreshes to the previous page of filling out account information. What am I doing wrong and is anyone else hitting this same problem.

I talked to a few people who signed up years ago that said they never had to do it and all of the youtube vids I’ve skimmed (yep, that bad) show people who did it apparently years ago.

I made one last week and didn’t run into any problems. I was using firefox 3.6.

I can make one for you if you want. just PM/aim me the account name and recovery email you want.

try with a different browser

I recently signed up like 3 weeks ago and it was the same as always (I have about 5 gmail accounts)