Anyone else staying at Caesar's just get a weird email?


I just got an email (twice, actually) asking me if I wanted to upgrade my reservation at Caesar’s for Evo to some special suite at a special rate. Now, I’m already staying in a suite and I didn’t recognize the email address it came from as having come from the same email accounts Total Rewards and/or Caesar’s usually contacts me with.

Anybody else get this? I haven’t done anything with it yet but I’m curious as to whether it’s legit or not.


I just got 4 of them… 4 people in my room hmm


Huh…yeah I have two people and I got two of them. Never thought of it that way but that’d make sense…

Except the part where they’re sending them to one email address, the idiots. Well, glad I’m not the only one who got spammed with it.


hmm…I haven’t got it yet, but are u guys sure it is from Caesar, and not some random e-mail address, because I haven’t got it yet.

Also, is the email’s wording sounds “official” (Like what a letter to a customer sounds like?"…Keep us updated on it if u can, it might be a very limited offer thing…


I received these this morning. It asks for your last name and confirmation # so you can check out the discount. But I’m already satisfied with the deluxe palace tower room I got.


I called they said any deals should come with a code. So it’s probably not legit or maybe something to get you to buy more stuff


I got the e-mail and I wasn’t even the one to register for the hotel, this shit is most definitely a scam. Someone should probably post this on the main page or send e-mails to everyone, it seems like someone must have gotten the e-mails from the list of EVO registrants.


^same here…its definitely a scam…my girl payed for the room so dont know why i got this email…she also got the same email as me


I’m staying at Caesar’s, but I’ve yet to come across in weird emails like that. Maybe I deleted it unknowingly because I’m always deleting stuff from my box.


I think based on what you guys say, this is most likely a scam, someone need to get hold of Wizard and Ponder and let them know of this situation (because this scam is targeting on EVO Entrant, so someone at Ceasar’s reservation is losing our info, who knows what other info they have a hold of)


It isnt a scam, the hotel just wants to offer room ugprades to make more money. Just ignore them.


Thanks for chiming in. It didn’t look like a scam but I already have a suite so it was kinda weird.