Anyone else think the gameplay is a joke?

I’m absolutely for getting more people in to street fighter but the simplicity of this game is unbelievable. I getting bored 3 days after release even wen I’m playing decent/good players.That’s absurd. I’ve enjoyed games that i play just for LOLs for far longer like the netherrealm games for example. Easy combos aside the core mechanics of this game are a joke. It needs a parry or some cancel system like in guilty gear or just something.

And no I didn’t get to play the beta so the disappointment is fresh in me.Sad to say but I think this might be the worst capcom fighter in in recent years. SxT was shit to watch but it was damn fun to play at least. Can’t say the same about SF5.

Trade it in before it’s too late. I’m sure you get $45 store credit for it somewhere.

Trade it in and go back to SFIV.

What a dumb fuckin post.

You’re basing your opinion off of a barebones “starter pack” version of SFV. You haven’t even given this game a chance to evolve before shitting on it. 3 days of gameplay? I highly doubt you’ve learned everything there is to learn about the game in 3 days.

You sound like a cheeto-crumb wearing neckbeard. “kuh this game is soooo easy I’m above this” -pushes in duct taped spectacles against the fat folds between his brow and the bridge of his nose-

Whatever though, you’re entitled to your opinion no matter how trash it is. To expand on what was previously stated by others on this thread, you might as well go back to SFIV or tiddlywinks or whatever else you play with that kind of attitude.

I’m so glad the combo system is simple and the neutral game is an actual neutral game. Everything that is not the actual game I dislike and bash a lot, but I feel like the game itself is godlike, even though I could do without the input shortcuts.

Do you maybe want to expand on your thought process?

“I hate it because it’s simple” is a terrible argument. What makes it ‘simple’ to you? Because combos have easier links?

What about the core mechanics are a joke? You don’t make any arguments you just throw around buzzwords. If you’re going to make a blanket statement, at least have one legit argument behind it.

They need tor redo the core system and not just add few new charters in order for this game to have some reasonable depth.Dunno what I sound like but you sound like a fanboy in denial.

What the fuck’s a charter?

Also, you can’t judge the “core system of a game” if it’s not even close to being the final product., especially if you’ve only spent 3 fucking days playing it.

Honestly, and this has already been said numerous times, the SFV launch/vanilla version is leaps and bounds better than the SFIV launch/vanilla version. However, USFIV is an overall decent final version/product that many players can still enjoy to this day.

If you were a real fighting game fan, you would give it more than 3 days worth of a chance. If you can’t even do that you shouldn’t even bother making such a lame fucking post.

Call me a “fanboy” all you want, but that just validates what I’m saying further because it means that I actually give a shit and invest my time into these games, unlike a scrub like you who thinks they have an entire game down to a science within 72 hours of touching the damn thing.

You’re playing the wrong game then. Go away.

I agree with the OP. It does feel simple and bland, for lack of a better term. SFIV’s metaplay revolved around extending combos and doing mix-ups basically. SFV, however, feels more footsie oriented. I’m not saying this is a bad thing per se, but it feels like they took back whatever options they gave us in SFIV and said “Here, go back to Alpha 3 and 3S days” (both series-defining games, for sure, but what I’m saying is, next to nothing from SFIV is in here).

OP has an LP score of sub 1500.

JR Rodriguez’s mash tiger uppercuts in Vanilla were gdlk.

This thread is a joke.

Sure if SF’s coregame is the reason why this game is a joke.
The is SF since 25 years a joke and boring.

Super Turbo, Alpha 2/3, SFIII: 3rd Strike and USFIV are all updated versions of games that were once declared boring and failed.

Then those boring and failed versions evolved and became how they are loved and remembered today.

So what are you going to do with SFV?

Let it freaking evolve.

If you think the gameplay is a joke, go ahead and hit up Final Round and kick everyone’s ass. After you lose in pools, post here about how much of a joke the gameplay is. I’ll be watching on my phone between games on stream! Good luck!

I guess the only option for you is to go back to 4 because they anime is delegated to blazblue and xrd.
For me sfxt and sf5 is the best capcom games out now if strictly talkin in the last 10 years tbh.
Fuck survival tho.

It’s not smart to judge a fighting game a week after release.

It has the v-reversal system, but I never see anyone use it. I haven’t really messed with it myself, but I’m guessing it’s better to save v-meter for v-trigger, unless you can v-reversal into a super or something.

Especially 3rd strike turned out to be one of the favorites amongst many fighters

How did SF2 WW fail? You guys on crack?