Anyone else think Vega's glitched in the PC version of AE?

When I played the PS3 version of AE, I use to be able to grab right after after I landed a Piece of Mercury. However, I can’t seem to do that in the PC version. Anyone else having this problem?

Try turning off smooth option in graphic settings?

Could be that ^^^^

Could be your timing that changes too.

PS3 is known for having around a frame of input delay more than Xbox 360, I am willing to bet on 2 frames of diffrence with a PS/2-keyboard or high end full speed USB 2.0-wired keyboard/pad. also add another 2 frames if you play on wireless on the PS3.

Also, flats screen TV sets are known for having splash delay from 0.5 up to 5 frames, but most computer monitors have only between 0.25 and 1.5 frames of splash delay.

There could also be lag involved if you play online, increasing the offset or reducing it depending on wether PC or PS3 netcode lags most.

Assuming you trigger your grab press following a visual cue ( which you are if you wait to notice that PoM hit or was blocked) and not using a fixed timing to press both input in sequence no matter what, these diffrences between your computer gaming set and your PS3 gaming set could mean you have to press your grab input so many frames later than you used to, to make it right. otherwise it comes so many frames too early and is discarded.

So i’m not crazy and all have to do is readjust my timing. Thanks Ajunta.