Anyone else tried out the 'Marvel Pad' yet?


Received mine this morning and so far I’m very frustrated with it. Dash doesn’t come out half the time, and it’s hard to FADC. Perhaps once I get used to it it’ll all be fine, but I’m finding it to have a steep learning curve coming from a Fight Pad. Anyone else have any input they’d like to share with the community on this?


got mine today too. i find dashes easy but the button layout takes some getting used to. i’ve been playing on japanese button layout for the last 5 or 6 years and this layout is more of an american style layout where the buttons are straight across, up and down.

something that i noticed that i really liked is how easy it is to do the slide method for blanka and honda. jab>hp. electricity is rather easy to do. i even did it holding the pad in a traditional fashion using just my thumb. plinking works on this pad just like it does if you use an arcade stick.

the shoulder buttons, LT and RT, are just as sensitive as the face buttons are. thank god they are not like the triggers on the 360 pad. they are also comfortable to use. the “home” button is a little too close to the face buttons but it’s recessed into the controller so hitting it by mistake shouldn’t be easy.

all in all it’s pretty good but this is just from about a 30 minute session with it. i was doing ryu’s dp>fadc>ultra after about 5 minutes with the controller but i was also accidentally jumping and shit because there isn’t a square gate on there. i’m sure after a few hours of use i’ll get used to it.

i should also note that i’m not a pad player. i’ve been using stick for years now so maybe my opinion is of little use here.

-feels comfortable holding traditionally (using your thumbs for face buttons).
-slide method is easy for characters with mash moves like blanka, honda, etc.
-plinking isn’t as hard as it is on a traditional pad.
-LT and RT work great
-start and select buttons are at the top of the controller, near the cord
-very light weight

-no gate on the thumb stick makes it hard for me personally to find the direction i wanted to press.
-takes a little bit of time to get used to using it


Sounds like you’re going through the learning curve of using a stick, maybe just not as steep.


Is this thing available anywhere but the PDP site? I was thinking of getting one for a teardown to see what it was made of.

Somebody take theirs apart and take some macro shots pretty please. :slight_smile:


It’s a Pelican product… PDP is just a rebranding of the name like KFC. Take from that what you will!

Seems like only Hori and Sega know how to make proper fighting pads…


GeorgeC, have you actually PLAYED on one yet?

Because IMO this appears to be a “proper” fight pad design – microswitch buttons (yay, something we can actually replace with a soldering iron) and an analog stick (aka what i use whenever i play on 360 pad anyway).