Anyone else wanna see more Joe Mad?

I’m just wondering because it’s been years since I’ve seen him produce much of anything, comic or video game related. And that back story in Street Fighter #1 was just made me miss his art more than ever. I just wanna know if anyone else, besides me, wishes Joe Mad would come on SF full time.

Udoneko mentioned something about Joe doing something in the near future concerning SF, but I forgot what.

The last comic before SF that Joe did was Battle Chasers #9 two years ago.

In those two years Joe has still produced stuff, like covers for PSM, artwork for Tri-Lunar Studios, art for Cryptic Studios, etc, etc. He hasnt been doing nothing.

Also I wouldnt want to see Joe on SF full time, cause Id rather Alvin Lee get his chance to shine with this book, rather than Joe, who has already had his time to shine.

I’m not exactly saying Mad’s been doing NOTHING, just not as much as he used to, and compared to other artists he’s had hardly any “shine-time.” You do make a good point about Lee needing some big-time exposure. I just miss Joe Mad, and I feel that his style really compliments the whole SF legend.

I’d like to see more Joe Mad art but not as a full time artist on the book. Maybe some more back up stories or promotional art.

The reason is the current art team is doing a fantastic job. I agree with the last poster that Alvin Lee et al. deserve a time to showcase their talents without being overshadowed by a big name like Joe Mad.

Alvin’s portrayal of the characters are very true to the in-game counterparts and I love the small additions they make (e.g., Vega/Balrog’s trenchcoat, Cammy’s high tech gadgets, Chun Li’s bracelet necklace, etc). Also the colouring is top notch as well. I haven’t checked who the colourist is but he or she deserves kudos.

Yeah who colored mads back up story? Tsang? If not then who? Crazy coloring skills.

Alvin did the coloring for Joe mad’s back up story.

Arnold is a great artist and colorists, I have some of his pics from his web-site, which no longer exists, and they are pretty spectacular. I’ll try and upload some of the pics later.

And if anyone hasnt noticed or ever seen it, the pencils for the SF comics are pretty un-detailed, which sounds like Im putting it down but Im really not.

In this case less is more, ie the less detail in the pencils alows for more detail in the coloring. Anyone who colors anything knows that the more detail there is the harder it is to color.

An example of this would be if you saw the pencils for one of Joe Mad’s Battle Chasers pages, and then compare it to his SF pencils theres less detail and no shading, to allow for better coloring.

Fun facts, there uhm…fun.

What Liquid did with Mad was also a good match.

too bad he cancelled on battlechasers and lee cancelling on his own comic as well

Joe actually didnt cancel Battle Chasers, his official word was he’d get back to it in the future.

And if you didnt know, BC#10 is actually already finished (it hasnt been colored though) but Joe dosnt want to release it, cause he knows the wait for #11 would drive everyone crazy.

Joe Mad said he would finish the first story arc of BC, which is 12 issues, and some people believe that he (Joe) is doing issues #11 and #12 in his spare time (or whenever he wants) then is going to release them when he his done.

Alvin did Warlands: Banished Knights, which was only meant to be a short series, and since then Alvin has done other great things, and moved on to better things like Street Fighter.

Also you have to remember that Alvin left Dreamwave (which did/does Warlands, among other things) to go work for UDON.

thats good to hear bout MAD, i always thought udon was a part of dreamwave, but i guess that makes sense since dreamwave never featured his work at marvel

ok, when it comes to Joe Mad, who cares about street fighter? don’t you want to know what the hell happens in battle chasers? how lame, didn’t even pass the story off to someone else…just as long as he does SOMETHING regularly…

yeah Joe would be great if he could produce any volume. He seems best suited at cranking out about one cover a month.

I’d love to see more Joe Mad! work, I have a fansite I’ve been working on the last while. HERE
Right now it has some old interviews, a bunch of images, and a checklist. I’ve been really busy with University, so when I get a break I will add more content. If anyone has any rare pictures or info please email me :slight_smile: Thanks