Anyone else weirded out by all of these quakes?

Another big ass one in Indonesia today…one in Mexico yesterday…Chile…Haiti. What the fuck is going on?

rapture yo, prepare for the giant vacuum in the sky to take you and all the rest of gods children (who happen to believe in him) away before the end of the world.

or they could be caused by shifts in tecktonic plates… i just raped the spelling of that word btw.

nah, earthquakes happen on the regular.

If there WEREN’T earthquakes happening, I’d be weirded out.

Earth ate some bad burritos and has major gas.

SSF4 hype is gettin so big, it’s causin the earth to fuckin shake.

i have to say that i am. all happening in recent history. too many deaths already and probably just the beginning.

Shit happens yo

True Story

I’m not weirded out at all. California is due for a huge one within two years I think, or so predictions say.

We just had one here 2 weeks ago. Although, it wasn’t that bad… i think it was a 7 in Mindoro and 6-5 in Manila. I was kinda disappointed because i did want to go into a heroic action mode. We still have two more years to go anyway. :rofl:

Truth. This is kind of like the year everybody was freaking out about shark attacks, even though shark attack statistics were no higher than in previous years. People notice a couple of high profile cases and it becomes a big media thing.

lol earthquakes r fun.

gives us cali “shakers” something to talk about.

the world isnt going to end, we wouldnt even know about all of these quakes were it not for tv/media.

quakes have been going since the earth began, shit aint going to stop.


Hephaestus is working on something fuckin huge.

Quakes happen in phases. Right now just happens to be a very active time in plate tectonics or whatever.

Its really not a big deal, especially if you live nowhere near plate edges, like me. Yall get earthquakes, we get tornadoes and hurricanes.

In todays world, with over reporting and wild story telling done by CNN, everything seems to be out of control, guns, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc etc. It is all about Earthquakes today, but next week could be about plane crashes.

We average like 14 or so 7.0+ a year. It’s just that most of them don’t occur in populated places. We still have another couple of years left until the world ends.

You guys should come to Canada.

i wouldn’t mind the world ending when i hit my late 40’s or older.

Southern Cali had one on Easter sunday 3 days ago, 6.5 I believe in San Diego, felt up at LA

The world is going to explode very soon. I will be sending my newborn son in a space pod to a planet similar to ours, only he will be able to absorb the sun’s rays on the planet I’m sending him to, which will make him near-invincible.

Oh, except for the chunks of the blown-up Earth floating around, (called Earthanite) which will be the only thing that weakens him. That and other silly plot devices.


Diablo III quest niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaa