Anyone else worried about a possible increase in Gouken users?

With SSF4 coming out and all the buffs that characters are receiving I’m worried that Gouken might become overused. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with people using Gouken I personally like using characters that aren’t seen that often. When SF4 first came out I used abel and it seems like after Justin Wong used him everyone and their mother uses him now. I am just hoping that doesn’t happen to Gouken.

Why is this so horrible? Like a character for how they play, not because they’re underplayed. And not that many people use Abel, it’s all about Ryu, and it always will be. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about, even though you it shouldn’t even bother you in the first place.

Well I stick with a character because I like them the fact that they are under-rated is a plus. I have seen an increase in abel players online and the sad part is alot of them aren’t good. It would bother me but I wouldn’t stop using gouken I just like using characters that people don’t see everyday

I’d rather have Gouken’s holes patched up (edit: without him becoming braindead to use) and see a temporary Gouken army (lol at the thought of that one :rofl:) than for him to get left in the dust because the rest of the cast got improved and he didn’t.

Imagine if Gouken was an arcade character to begin with? The pros would have unlocked some incredible techniques that may have not been so apparent to the rest of us. More people playing is welcoming to me.

Yea I have to agree with you on that. But look at it this way after fighting so many Kens online you begin to no longer fall for any of their tricks an ex like going from an Ex tatsumaki into a shoryuken. I don’t fall for that anymore due to the fact that so many kens used it against me. I just don’t gouken to become like an open is all

Truth Goatman. There is NO love for gouken as of now, and with the other shotos getting better (flowchart Ken to hit the online servers hard yet again), Gouken will be left in the dirt (which is where everybody thought he was since SFA). He needs more high-level play to even come close to Ryu or any of the top tier.

I would actually welcome it. If Gouken gets buffed enough in SSF4 that more and more people start to use him, then that means people are starting to take him seriously. It would be great to see him used more often by major tournaments.

Players just need to stop copying what others do in videos and just think about what they want to do with the character. Every Gouken I’ve seen is virtually the same, and none of them bring anything of themselves to the table. If there are more Gouken players coming through, I’d personally like to see some creativity.

It is kind of hard to be original don’t you think?

I’m not saying that, but at least question certain things that you see or hear players doing. Look at the reasons why things work, both technically and psychologically. Just a bit of common sense and imagination.

Hmm I see what your saying like certain aspects are always going to be similar because they are viable options but you can change things to your own flair

^neville also mentioned understanding just why those options are viable so you can expand on them in your playstyle. That’s one method of learning new tricks.

I want to see more people play Gouken. Obviously they aren’t going to do it in Vanilla Street Fighter IV, he really is a flawed character with limitations, and the fact that no one can consistently rank high with him in tournaments shows, whereas Cammy has done great in the hands of vasaznion13 (youtube Cammy), JChensor, Sanford Kelly, DJB13, etc.
But if he does get the buffs that all of us hoped for, there will definitely be an increase in Gouken players and I welcome that. Who knows, maybe we won’t be playing Gouken anymore and may move on to someone else (see you in another character forum!). There’s going to be much more variety and changes in the next game.

I hope more players play everyone. Using the “you aren’t used to fighting me” card is short lived. I’d rather get better than be frustrating and bizarre to play against. My ineptitude at dealing with shitty Gen players highlights why this is the case :sad:

Does somebody know if they’re going to let Gouken link jabs to special moves like kongo or tatsu in SSFIV ? I suspect they won’t apart giving him another ultra (who cares). That would be the first thing to “fix” imo. (because thats a flaw yes)