Anyone else's Mad Catz SF4 SE sticks buttons stop working?

Anyone else’s Mad Catz SF4 SE sticks buttons stop working?

Ok i know it was cheap but to this cheap less then a 2 months old and only about 70 hours of play and 2 of the buttons don’t respond unless i press them with my fist(punch them) or tap them on the top corner of the button. my HP and LK are like this I swapped them for my PPP and KKK cus i don’t use them. but now my MP is dying…

WTF Mad Catz!!

This happens a LOT in both SE and TE, sometimes it needs to be unplugged and plugged back in, most of the time that doesn’t help either.

There is an HUGE thread dedicated to defects in these sticks, you’ll find that more useful than starting this thread cuz a lot ppl around here will jump at the opportunity to flame you.

p.s. Really, what did you expect? companies don’t change overnight