Anyone ever attempt to mod THIS thing?


It’s $20, would totally buy it just to use the shell, sub in Sanwa parts and stick a PS360 in there.

Of course, if that’s even POSSIBLE … has anyone ever experimented with modding this thing?


yes. basically this is the same shell as the hori ex2 (for 360) and the FS3 (for ps3). search for those mods and you’ll be good. I personally modded a FS3 with full sanwa parts. The PCB is basically soldered onto the buttons so using another PCB like the PS360+ is much easier than using the stock PCBs. But be warned: Its a huge pain in the ass to swap the joystick since the mounting plate / base does not conform to the standard JLF setup. You have to either modify the stock base to fit a JLF or drill additional holes in the JLF base to make it match the hori base. Also once the JLF stick is installed you will notice that the bottom of the shaft will rub against the bottom metal plate since it is longer than the stock Hori one . I got around this by dremeling down both the shaft and the bottom plate.


Also found a sort of walk-through guide on this website. If I’m gonna replace the entire PCB anyway, do I even need to bother to desolder? I’m not gonna have any use for the stock Hori buttons or PCB (especially the PCB because its a Wii PCB) so can I just like… tear that shit off and throw it out? lol.

That modded stick looks awesome man, did you dremel the buttons on the side, back, and the neutrik hole?


Yes you can, but the general consensus is that contracting chlamydia would be a better experience than modding one of these.


Oh Jesus, modding those thing is a pain in the ass!


Unless you’re a masochist, avoid.


I rather go back though boot camp than to mod a FS3.
Nope and Fuck that shit all the way on No-way-Express to Not-doing-it-ville.


Lol @d3v‌ @Darksakul‌. @derukun‌ yeah I added new holes for the start/sel/home buttons and neutrik port. Honestly though if you haven’t purchased it yet just look for an old brawl or se case. You’ll prolly find those for comparable prices and is a hell of a lot easier to mod.


That Wii stick is 20, any SE’s I’ve seen are all more than 70 atm. Maybe I’ll just buy a used TE. Hm


I might be able to sell you an SE shell for the same price. Idk how much shipping’s gonna be though!


This “shell” will put you back $20.

Assuming you want a ps360+ for multi-console purposes, $60

JLF + at least 8 buttons ~$40.

Total will set you back ~$120, before shipping + tax.

The hours of headache I’ve read about modding this stick? Up to you. The only real reason to mod this thing is if you REALLY like the form factor. That being said, I wouldn’t specifically get one to mod for that matter. If I already had one as a gift, and buttons were starting to fail, but I just loved it anyhow, I’d think about modding it.



I owned and modded one of those.
It’s just a rebranded Hori Fight Stick and those are ALL a pain-in-the-ass to mod.
If you’re still that much of a masochist, just look for a modding guide… they have several online.

It’s easy to mod the base to install a JLF (WITHOUT the mounting plate attached) but unless you like the extra height clearance a JLF shaft gives you above the faceplate, you’ll probably want to keep the Hori stick shift and use that in a JLF base instead. It works.

IF you’re not keeping the original PCB, there’s enough room for the PS360+ or either Cthulu PCB or for that matter the cheaper PS3 PCB’s on market as well as most 360 control pad PCB’s.
You WILL probably still end up still bending 30mm button terminals to keep some clearance space between the buttons and any PCB you install. The form factor on this joystick is VERY tight.
There are larger joysticks out there that aren’t as expensive as a used Mad Catz TE or HRAP that would probably be more worth modding than a Wii Fight Stick. Your only problem with NOT buying a used TE or HRAP is that re-equipping just about anything with arcade parts will cost more than a gently used HRAP or TE!
IF you can find either of these joysticks for under $40 they’re a better deal than the Wii Fight Stick => American Tekken 5 10th Anniversary joystick; it has an HRAP case body but with Hori OEM parts; moderate skill level mod job but plenty of room for parts and excellent support for customization; very good body
Mad Catz SE; built to be upgradeable and plenty of room for a third-party replacement PCB if you want; no extensive body modding necessary to install new parts; it supports most arcade/pro-level parts as-is

A lot of people have had luck finding T5’s and Mad Catz SE-type joysticks for $25 and less. Of course, you’ll pay more if you need to have these joysticks shipped to you!

Anything pre-HRAP, pre-Mad Catz TE is generally going to be a pain-in-the-butt to deal with. You’re talking very little clearance space on many joysticks (most pre-HRAP Hori joysticks, many Ascii joysticks) that make installing JLF or LS-joysticks and pushbuttons very difficult without serious modding OR joystick cases with bodies that just aren’t built to support and install arcade parts within without some serious plastic shaving and cutting ( => Agetec Dreamcast Joystick, otherwise a great joystick case… it just takes so much damn work to fit arcade parts into it!).


I have one of these – bought it for TvC and it worked well enough. I’ve got the 360 version, too. The short height of the enclosure and the PCB-mounted buttons seem to be the most annoying things. I haven’t modded mine, but they’re also just sitting around at the moment… not being modded… I’ll save that for a later project.

As a note for those that have modded one of these, did you desolder all of the buttons or did you just tear it all out?

If you’re looking for a “cheap” stick to mod, though, you’d be MUCH better off paying 3x as much (a whole $60) for the MadCatz Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U stick brand new: It’s still super cheap for a TE:S More room for modding, nicer default buttons.


The TTT WiiU is still $50 on Amazon, looks like they forgot to take the sale off there. It will cost you more than $35 difference ($5 shipping) to buy JLF and OBSCs, plus no need to deal with trying to shoehorn the JLF in that.


lol do it! these smaller sticks are cute as hell. ive modded two hori ex2s myself. i used a jlf joystick on one and kept the stock joystick on the other. imo the stock is better once the microswitches are replaced. even with all of the modifications the jlf sits high on the stick and increases the throw range.


yall are lazy and just dont wanna dremel


Lol so true


Might get the WiiU TE-S, but I might be willing to do this mod. I’ve never dremeled before or worked with a PS360+, but the stick is so compact and honestly very ideal for what I want it for (easy to carry tournament viable stick). I have small hands and don’t have problems with the stick moving around either.

I save a good 40-50 dollars by going the Hori FS way… Are there any art templates for this? I wanna lami label a little Vewlix panel for it.

By the way: Is this any easier to mod? Forget the wireless crap, I just wanna scrap everything in there/tear everything out, and put in a PS360+ and Sanwa parts.


FS hipsters.


ITS AAAAAWWWWWRIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHTTTTTTT, a guy from my local FGC is going to sell me his SE case for $20.

Pretty much solves all my problems because I know Sanwa parts fit fine on that. Just need to figure out how to install a PS360 and dremel the hole for the Neutrik.

Thanks though guys, you can leave this open if you want