Anyone ever bought from Project Giant Sword?

As the title states, I’m trying to get in contact with them about their DIY joystick but can’t seem to get a response from their main email. Anyone ever bought from them? Feedback? DIY Joystick review?

Looking at the site, it seems that the joystick has a good mix of style with durability. Though it doesn’t really indicate how much they weigh.

Project GiantSword - Custom Built Personal Arcade Joysticks

I mainly heard about them from a recent interview with Clockwork.

I’m sure its safe, the guy who makes those cases is a member here, and they look amazing!

Also consider its the holidays? good luck

the build is great. a lot of thought and effort placed into it. as for weight it is a bit lighter than a standard custom since it is made out of MDF. it sits around 3 lbs maybe 4 lbs total fully assembled. They pack it very well for shipping also. It was so well packaged it took me a bit to get it out of all the wrap they put it in haha. Valbjorn is usually pretty quick to respond to PM’s if you are having trouble contacting him through the site but I would also agree that they may have slowed down a bit being the holidays.