Anyone ever build a stand up desk to play SF?



I sometimes think it would be nice to be able to up stand while playing and I’m looking into stand up desks etc. So what would be important is a solid base to put my stick on and a proper height monitor placement. With SFV coming up I expect to be playing somewhat more and maybe I’ll put my plan into fruition now, and I’m doing some research.


People have, search google for TE Fight Stands


I did it. Fun for a while then my legs and feet started to hurt. Wouldn’t recommend it.


In our day, we stood UP when playing street fighter. For HOURS on end. With the desert sun burning intense rays upon you.



Did a google search on it ~ TE Fight Stands How sturdy are these TE stand?


And stood in line for hours waiting to play. Good times.


Silly Americans and your need to stand to play SF. Sitting down is superior technique of glorious Nippon.


I had a TE fight stand for a one time. Extremely sturdy and well made and he gave me a great price. Or you could hit up Kraylix.