Anyone ever create MvC3 movelists for dream characters?

Or maybe I just had way too much time on my hands tonight. No, he’s not a Capcom or Marvel character, but hey, it is a dream character.

The Medic


950k HP
Range and speed of Normal Attacks is most similar to Taskmaster
Movement speed is most similar to Wesker
Is capable of a double jump

Normal Attacks
:d:L- 30k
[FONT=Helvetica] L - 34k[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]:u:L - 40k[/FONT]


M[/FONT]- 38k
M - 52k
:u:M - 70k (HIGH)

H- 42k (SLIDE)
*Most similar to: *

H - 72k
:u:H - 85k (HIGH)

S - 70k
S - 70k
:u:S - 92k (HIGH)

[FONT=Arial]:f:H[/FONT] - Ubersaw Lunge, 95k (+25% METER GAIN)
Most similar to: Stinger (Dante), but not mashable
[FONT=Arial]:b:H[/FONT] - Bonesaw Air Sweep, 90k-130k (HIGH, CHARGE, 1pt. SUPER ARMOR)
Most similar to: Decapitating Slice (X-23), but does not grab

Medic’s normal ground and air throws deliver a soft knockdown.

Special Attacks

L - Uberang, 45kx3 (PROJECTILE, OTG)
Most similar to: L Shield Slash (Captain America), but travels in a boomerang-like arc, hits multiple times

M - Uberang, 45kx3 (PROJECTILE)
Most similar to: M Shield Slash (Captain America), but travels in a boomerang-like arc, hits multiple times
:qcf:H - Uberang, 45kx3 (PROJECTILE, ANTI-AIR)
Most similar to: H Shield Slash (Captain America), but travels in a boomerang-like arc, hits multiple times

S - Oktoberfest! (2.5s TAUNT, EXTENDS 12k RED LIFE)

:dp:L - Ubersaw Slice, 110k (SLIDE, ANTI-AIR, OTG)
Most similar to: Ankle Slice (X-23)

M - Syringe Gun Shot, 30kx9 (PROJECTILE, ANTI-AIR)
Most similar to: Parabolic Aim Master (Taskmaster), but with greater spread between shots, similar to Photon Shock (Dr. Doom)

H - Blutsauger Leech, 55kx3 (PROJECTILE, 20k HEAL)
Most similar to: Triple Arrow (Hawkeye)

S - Oktoberfest! (2.5s TAUNT, EXTENDS 12k RED LIFE)

:qcb:L - Medigun Bludgeon, 95k (THROW, GROUND BOUNCE)
Most similar to: H Mustang Kick (Wesker)

M - Spinal Saw, 95k (THROW, WALL BOUNCE)
Most similar to: H Mustang Kick (Wesker)

Most similar to: M Mustang Kick (Wesker)

S - Quick-Fix (2s TAUNT, 25k HEAL)

Special Attacks, Air

L - Uberang, 45kx3 (PROJECTILE)
Most similar to: L Shield Slash (Captain America), but travels in a boomerang-like arc, hits multiple times

M - Uberang, 45kx3 (PROJECTILE)
Most similar to: M Shield Slash (Captain America), but travels in a boomerang-like arc, hits multiple times

H - Uberang, 45kx3 (PROJECTILE)
Most similar to: H Shield Slash (Captain America), but travels in a boomerang-like arc, hits multiple times

L - Ubersaw Dive, 85k (ACTIVE UNTIL LAND)
Most similar to: Talon Dive (X-23)

M - Syringe Gun Shot, 35kx9 (PROJECTILE)
Most similar to: Parabolic Aim Master (Taskmaster), but with greater spread between shots, similar to Photon Shock (Dr. Doom)

H - Blutsauger Leech, 55kx3 (PROJECTILE, 20k HEAL)
Most similar to: Triple Arrow (Hawkeye)

L - Ubersaw Swipe, 70k
Most similar to: Burning Kick (C. Viper)

M - Bonesaw Swipe, 95k
Most similar to: Burning Kick (C. Viper)

H - Medigun Swing, 115k (HIGH)
Most similar to: Burning Kick (C. Viper)

Hyper Combos


  • Ubercharge, 14kx20 (PROJECTILE)
    Medic declares his Ubercharge is ready, and deploys it as he summons Heavy onto the battlefield. Heavy fires a barrage of minigun fire at the opponent. The minigun fire carries the victim up as Heavy aims higher. Most similar to Million Dollars (Dante).

  • Class Combination, 275k (OTG, PROJECTILE)
    Medic whips a revolver out of his coat and fires at the opponent’s feet. This can pop the enemy off the ground similar to Wesker’s Samurai Edge. After this, Medic cycles through six more weapons, each representing a specific class from TF2: Spy’s Revolver>Pyro’s Fireaxe>Scout’s Scattergun>Demoman’s Grenade Launcher>Sniper’s Sniper Rifle>Soldier’s Rocket Launcher. As the opponent is spinning from the exploding rocket, Medic rolls back to reveal a level 3 Sentry, which fires a set of rockets as the final blow. Most similar to Combination Sweep (Chris).


  • Kritzkrieg (Level 3 Hyper), 135% attack damage, pulsating electricity surrounds weapons and extends range on all normal and special attacks, duration of 8 seconds (BUFF, GENERATES METER)

  • Examination Procedure (Level 3 Hyper), 420k (PHYSICAL COUNTER)
    Medic performs a series of dramatic, serrated swipes across the screen with his bonesaw, in the vein of Akuma’s Raging Demon. It climaxes at an overlay of silhouetted blood splatters (gotta keep that T rating) and reveals Medic casually pushing up his glasses. Most similar to 4th Wall Crisis (Deadpool).


a: Uberang (Anti-Air)
b: Quick-Fix (+40k Heal)
y: Uberjection (+35% Meter)

Pre-Fight and Post-Fight Dialog:

Chris, C. Viper, Tron Bonne, Iron Man, Spencer
Pre-Fight: "Vhat impressive armaments. Who did you say employed you?"
Post-Fight (voiced): “Ach, I had you mistaken for someone else.”
Post-Fight (text box): “I should have known zhat BLU had higher standards than zhis.”

Pre-Fight: “"Hmph, your imitation skills are nozzhing compared to… him."
Post-Fight (voiced): “You ah even more transparent zhan *he *is, and far less deadly.”
Post-Fight (text box): “It looks as zhose you could use some training in zhis field. Fortunately, I know just the man.”

Morrigan, Trish, She-Hulk, X-23, Storm, Phoenix or Hsien-Ko.
Pre-Fight: "Hmm, you possess some… unique characteristics, Fraulein."
Post-Fight (voiced): “How mysterious, but nozhing that a simple *examination *won’t alleviate.”
Post-Fight (text box): “Please, do hold still. You ah only vasting my time.”

Dante or Deadpool
Pre-Fight: “Such juvenile antics.”
Post-Fight (voiced): “Future generations are better off vizhout you poisoning them.”
Post-Fight (text box): “Believe me vhen I say zhis is in the best interest of everyone.

Pre-Fight: “Hmm, quite an impressive physique you have.”
Post-Fight (voiced): “What an interesting fighting style. You would make for an intriguing fight zith my colleague…”
Post-Fight (text box): “Wrestling you said? I zhink you two could teach each other a few zhings.”

Dr. Doom
Pre-Fight: “What a disappointing turn of events.”
Post-Fight (voiced): “I do hope you’re at least still breazhing, Doctor.”
Post-Fight (text box): “I could use an assistant of your caliber.”

Pre-Fight: “Mein Gott, vhat an incredible specimen.”
Post-Fight (voiced): “Oh Fraulein, you ah precisely vhat I need…”
Post-Fight (text box): “Heavy, please be gentle vhen moving her. Ve can’t risk further damage.”

Pre-Fight: “How can such intelligence be so misguided?”
Post-Fight (voiced): “You could have been somezhing truly special. Instead, you’re just a lunatic.”
Post-Fight (text box): “It would be best if I simply leave you with your precious creations. I’m sure you’ll make splendid company for zhem.”

Pre-Fight: “What worthless scrap metal.”
Post-Fight (voiced): “I vill see zhat you ah reclaimed for a better purpose.”
Post-Fight (text box): “I’m sure zhe Engineer can ensure you are refined into something decent.

A friend of mine actually thought a TF2 fighter would be fun to make. This is relevent to interests.

love the medic though.

I have a moveset for Pheonix Wright in mind, but posting it would be kind of redundant since he’s confirmed and all.

I lol’d at [COLOR=#000000]“I vill see zhat you ah reclaimed for a better purpose.”

Very well thought out. The quotes are spot on.


While I’m sure you put a lot of time with your fanfic, it’s not part of Capcom’s or Marvel’s rich creative universes.

Tl/dr… medic sounds generic. do you post this in every game forum? Keep trying, maybe they’ll include your character in the next Halo.

I was just waiting for someone to post a ‘tl/dr’ or ‘too much time on your hands’ comment. Congradulations! It was achieved within the 3rd post! People sure are assholes.

Medic is definately not generic at all. Have you even seen ‘meet the medic’?

Scout would be really cool; probably the most fitting as a fighting game character. I bet a Spy or Demoknight could be capable of some interesting stuff though.

I believe that if TF2 where made into a fighting game, it would be best suited to a touhou hisouten style fighter but with a more clear focus on ground and superjump grazing (and less bullet coverage of course to balance the lack of flight)

this thread should probably be moved to fighitng game discussion or something like that since the topic is becoming less about MVC3 and more about a theoretical TF2 fighter.


He is a bit of an all-round character. Like Amateratsu, he can change Styles (elements). His basic movements are the same from Megaman Network Transmission, such as stance, walking/running.

His theme would be a techno remix of the Megaman Network Transmission theme.

Voice Actors: (English/Japanese)
-Megaman.exe (Andrew Francis/ Akiko Kimura)
-Lan Hikari (Brad Swaile/ Kumiko Higa)
Alternate colours:
-Red instead of blue
-yellow and blue swap
-black instead of blue and grey instead of yellow.
Entrance: a beam of light shoots down and Megaman.exe appears at the bottom of the beam on one knee, he raises his head and makes his stance while saying his opening line. While at the same time a thin TV-like screen with Lan’s grinning face is behind MM.exe for 2 seconds before disappearing.
Opening lines:
-“Megaman, jack in, execute.”
-“Ok, Lan, I’m in.”
-“Virus bustin’ time!”
-To Zero: “You’re not the Zero I know!”
-To Tron: “Who are you?”
-To Megaman.exe: "What the…?! CopyMan!?"
Exit: He looks up in the air and a beam of light shines down on him as well as green, see-through lines circle him as he jacks-out.
Ending lines:
-“Time to jack-out Lan.”
-“Viruses busted.”
-“That was tough.”
-To Zero: “I must tell Dr. Hikari about this!”
-To Tron: “You mean there’s more them one Megaman!?”
-To Megaman.exe: "It’s hard to defeat yourself"
Death: he goes through deletion like in MMNT and screams in pain.

Stance: He makes the same stance in MMNT and also runs the same way. His dashes are the same as his DashAtk BattleChip. His head changes like the in MMNT as well.
Taunt: he jumps a little while facing the screen and making the v with his fingers (the boss victory taunt from MMNT) and says “This is gonna be fun!” or "Lan, did you finish your homework?"
Regular Attacks**
Light atk (standing):** a quick jab. repeatable.
**Light atk (crouching): **uses Tornado to create a small one second tornado right in front of mega man (really close range)
Light atk (in the air): kicks sideways. combos 3 kicks.
Medium atk (standing): swings the Sword down. Keep pressing the button to combo it, in order: swings left, right, down, down. (must hit wit the first swing to be able to combo)
**Medium atk (crouching):**Pulls out the pickaxe and does the ShockWav, which goes halfway across the screen. (leaves you open to attack for 2 seconds)
**Medium atk (in the air): **Punches while moving forward with the GutPunch.
Heavy atk (standing): uses the HiCannon which can be fired 3 times if pressed rapidly. Can malfunction if spammed. 33% chance of malfunctioning.
**Heavy atk (crouching):uses BigHamr1. Swings the hammer down on the opponent. (slow)
Heavy atk (in the air): Stabs the LongSwrd forward, hits when stabing in, hits when pulling out.
Hold Atk Button: charge the Buster Shot, charges 3 levels.
Down+Down+Atk: Slides while kicking.
Special Attacks: **
“Elemental Blade” Slashes with an Elemental Blade (FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, ElecSwrd BambooSwrd). Hit’s once.
Elec-stabs forward,
Bamboo-circular(flips in a circle while slashing) **

QCB+S:** “Style Change” Changes current Style(elemental) (fire-aqua-elec-wood-fire).
QCB+Atk: “Elemental Shot” Fires a Shot from the buster cannon based on current element (HeatShot, Bubbler, ZapRing, Needler)
-HeatShot: Fire damage, causes knockdown.
-[COLOR=#0000ff]Bubbler: Slightly knocks opponent backward.
-ZapRing: Causes an electrified stun for one second. Slow moving, low damage.
-Needler: Causes wallbounce. Slow. One on the screen at a time.[/COLOR]

>,V, down-forward+Atk: “Atk+” Doubles next attack’s power by 1.5. Chargeable. Hold for three seconds to power up the next 3 attack’s by 1.5.
Launcher: Element tower. Look based off of current element.
Sheild/Block: he uses the Barrier Battle Chip and stands still while crossing his arms in front of his face.

Hyper Combos:
Lvl1 Hypercombo. QCF+AA: “Program Advance LifeSword.” Megaman slashes down with the LifeSword three times and makes a shockwave on the ground like the ShockWav attack each time he swings down.

Lvl1 Hypercombo. QCB+AA: “Dark Chip.” Cut scene. Lan VO: (feeling uneasy) “…Are you shure Megaman?” Megaman (regular standing stance, nods) “It’s the only way.” Lan VO: “Ok… Dark Chip in…!” Megaman: (Growls and yells as a black aura envelops him). His attacks do double the damage. The effect lasts for 7 seconds.
<,V, down-back: LVL1 Hypercombo: “Double Hero” He runs toward the enemy and takes a slash at him. if it connects, ProtoMan appears to attack from behind with his sword while MM attacks with the Mega Buster. This hits 15 times (between both characters), MM hits with 5 Buster Shots while PM does a 10-slash combo on the oppnents back. PM jacks out quickly after the Hyper is done. **

Lvl3 Hypercombo. HCF+AA:** “Falzar Beast Form.” Megaman.exe hits the opponent. If hit he screeches like a bird as he becomes the beast. He then he performs the “Falzar Claw/Buster Combo.” He jumps in front of the opponent and slashes twice, which stuns the opponent again. After the second slash, he will fly into the air to the opposite corner and aim down at the opponent fire a total of 30 sharp feathers at the opponent. Megaman.exe lands and changes back to normal.

Other Stuff:
-Can double jump because of ‘DoubJump’
-‘S’ in mid-air: he uses FootStmp to hit the opponent and shoot the opponent down to finish the mid-air combo.
-Can air-dash: it looks the same as his regular dash.

Chuck Greene Moveset:
[LEFT]. Standing Light- Chuck throws a punch at the opponent[/LEFT]
. Standing Medium- Chuck slashes at the opponent with the Driller[/LEFT]
. Standing Hard- Chuck hits the enemy with the Spiked Bat[/LEFT]
. Crouching Light- A swift punch[/LEFT]
. Crouching Medium- A swift kick[/LEFT]
. Crouching Heavy- Chuck attempts to trip the opponent[/LEFT]
. Air Light- Chuck throws a punch[/LEFT]
. Air Medium- Chuck hits the enemy with the shield[/LEFT]
. Air Heavy- Chuck does a jump kick[/LEFT]
. Launcher- Chuck whacks the opponent into the air with the Laser Sword[/LEFT]
. Hail Mary!: Chuck lobs a football/grenade combo weapon at the opponent (The button used would increase the range)
. This is my…: Chuck’s grab. Chuck uses the Boomstick on the opponent (The button used would be like Deadpool’s gun. Heavy, Medium & Light shooting at different angles)
. Hurts Doesn’t It: Chuck sticks an I.E.D. On the opponent, temporairly slowing them down. The IED will explode once it’s short time attached to the opponent is finished.
. Hot, Hot, Hot!
: Chuck uses the Flamethrower & ignites the enemy on fire[/LEFT]
. Snikt, Snikt
: Chuck uses the Claw weapon & slashes the enemy (The button used would increase the amount of slashes)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]. Kaboom!- Chuck shoots the Blambow at the opponent (The button used would increase the amount of arrows shot)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]. See ya later!- Chucks uses the ground pounder (seen in Case West) creating a wall bounce[/LEFT]
[LEFT]. GET OFF ME!- Chucks breaks free of a grab by thrusting backwards & knocking the attacker on their back[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**. Cool as Ice- **Chuck shoots the Snowball Cannon at the opponent freezing them[/LEFT]
. Too Much Fun- Chuck takes out the Paddlesaw & charges at the enemy while slicing wildly. Similar to Berserker Barrage.


[LEFT]. Ground- Chuck comes out & slashes the enemy with the Laser Sword[/LEFT]
[LEFT]. Projectile- Chuck launches the blambow at an enemy[/LEFT]
[LEFT]. OTG- Chuck uses the ground pound to continue a combo[/LEFT]

. Let’s Get Up-Close & Personal- Chuck rushes down & uses all of his weapons to attack the enemy.
[LEFT]. Little Helper- Chuck brings out the Heliblade, which cuts any opponent who gets near Chuck & assists in combos. Similar to Felicia’s little helper[/LEFT]
. Who wants some?- (Level 3 super) Chuck sticks a Blanka mask on the opponent stunning them. He then hops onto his motorcycle (with the paddlesaw attached) & drives by the enemy multiple times, hitting them with the chainsaw as Chuck passes by. Chuck ends it by jumping off & whacking the opponent with his spiked bat.

**Alternate Costume- **Chuck’s regular joe get-up from Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.
**Stage- **Fortunce City casino
**Theme- **A remix of this song:
**Intro- **Chuck enters the stage on his bike (If Dormammu & Doom can both enter on a throne, then Ghost Rider & Chuck can both enter on motorcycles)

There’s really no meaningful reason why this is in this forum. Sorry: stuff in this forum should be directly related to (U)MvC3. :slight_smile: