Anyone ever get mad at your cross ups? :)



im not good with this guy other than spamming cross up sweep, cross up sweep

i beat a b rank guy once and he like sent me 4 messages that i was a bad player. pretty much i am but i just get a kcik out of when the cross up chains work:)


The people who send you hatemail obviously don’t know the deejay matchup well, as alot of his game is scoring a knockdown then keeping the pressure up via crossups/fake crossups etc, don’t let them get to you, beat them then move on.


his block button must be broken. defense is an important part of any fighting game.


I got a “fuckin cheese” message after winning with DeeJay’s cross up game.


I always get hatemail out of people I beat telling me i’m cheap and have no skill. Which is weird because if that were true, wouldn’t I… y’know, lose?


one dude yelled “YOU ARE SO FUCKING CHEAP” over the mic one time and left.

granted this guy played a jumpback + air fireball akuma, and a jumpback + air kuna ibuki


I love it when a bison or Rufus player sends messages over perfect vortex wins.


Oh man do I have one for you guys!

So this morning I was playing some online matches on xbox live and I got into a match against this dude named “DirtySecretT”. He was playing Abel. I got him pretty damn good with some basic crossup mk to c.jab, c.jab, knockdowns and just kept rinsing and repeating. If he’s going to give it to me, might as well take it right?

So I ended up knocking him down to about 25% health in the second round and he rage quits!

Alright well, not a big deal. I was going to take a second to message him and tease him for ragequitting but I got into another match so I just kept going.

Sure enough though, a moment after my next match ended I got a message from the this dude.

Here’s the first one.

I was ROLLIN LAUGHIN! Smile from ear to ear.

Then I get the next one.

At that point I had to respond: “LOL WHAT?! Guess you DONT know how to block x-ups. Your bad play is inexcusable sir.”

Then I get the BEST REPLY YET!!

I looked him up and found that apparently he has some Vega vids on youtube, and he’s no stranger to SRK’s “What other players msg you after you beat them” thread.

Shit is too funny. Not sure if he’s a mod or not for real, but either way I figured it was against the xbox live TOS to threaten to ban someone for beating you. It’ll be the icing on the cake if he ends up getting a little time out for his tantrum. Either way, I say it’s a win for the Dee Jay players out there.


^ heh that’s funny. But what in the world is a “known ac”? Is he saying there is some kind of cheat that make it so that you can’t block crossups?


Ya, I dunno what he meant by ac. Guess it means assist cheat. Hilarious that such a good Vega player can’t block.


lol that’s fantastic, why does he keep saying banned? Does he mean he has personally put you on his “ban” list for when he starts lobbies or something? What a chode.


lol @ Jables post

I came over here from the regular “what players message you topic” because I get into a bad habit of only checking my subscribed threads on forums, and the Dee Jay forum usually has the same 6 bumping over and over so I never think to check for new ones.

That guy was bizarrely salty. Bizarre in the sense that I don’t quite understand

(1) What he’s accusing you of
(2) What he’s so salty about
(3) What he’s threatening you with

It sounds like he’s going to get you banned from XBL for kicking his ass? Ha ha ha, what a wuss!

You would think a Vega player would know how to block cross-ups too.

On topic: I’ve got some guys grumbling on mic like “AGAIN?” or “IS THAT ALL YOU DO?” but never any mail. I don’t win enough to get hatemail, but I have gotten a ragequit :smiley:



Ya man, no clue. Dude needs some no more tears shampoo or something.

I guess he’s accusing me of using some sort of hack that makes my cross-ups hit everytime? He’s salty cause I ruined him just with crossups alone…I mean I probably hit 7-8 total, a lot of them back to back.

I think he’s trying to come off like he himself is a moderator. Looking up earlier posts with his name, he’s been in the hate mail thread before threatening similar shit.

I’m still a subpar Dee Jay player trying to get better, but making someone rage quit and hate mail me was definitely a good boost to the old training ego.


Oh man, I did a thread search for DirtySecretT and he is amazingly salty in all ways.

Anyone beats him in any way = “Cheater you are fucking BANNED”

I don’t know where he hallucinated his ability to ban people from XBL, but it’s pretty funny.


This is GOLDEN

First of all, do some research. The people that posted in the “players that message you after being beat” thread. Now all have new xbl accounts. AND if i remember right they hadn’t made an forum post shortly after their “this guy said he was going to ban me” message. You getting the hint here?

This is what typically happens. Lag switching is considered system tampering is in the EULA/online rules of what you can’t do to ruin someone elses game. 99% of the time. a person lag switches, gets called out on it. Then if they’re a forum member for SRK, they want to act cool like they got someone to rage quit and send a message. when in reality. we’re just keeping the online community cleaned up from lag switchers.

It makes me laugh, i’ve been able to play some of the most popular players in the U.S. i dont have problems blocking a xup. However it was noticeable to everyone in the uber endless battle we were in that you were lagging up everytime you did a xup. I recorded the games myself. The other guy in the room apologized for inviting me. the other 2 people that joined when you were playing noticed it.
So, instead of lying and lagging. just play. accept the ensuing ban and get off my nuts.

I love the SRK community but my god, so much dishonesty. My favorite is some guy saying i used Ryu… and rage quit ,yadda yadda. Haven’t used Ryu since sf2. I’ve literally sent messages to 4 people. you being the fourth. Since ssf4 came out. Otherwise we just get a list. find the players. ban them with no warning.
Dont read everything you read online kiddos. I appreciate the fanboyism though. You searched me on srk. thats adorable.


Isn’t it a bit harsh to ban somebody on suspicion of using a lag switch based on a few games of SF, though?
It’s not like it has the best netcode going, is it? I usually encounter plenty of lag spikes, input lag and network hiccups when playing for any reasonable amount of time. You not blocking a cross-up in time could just be down to input lag.

I’m pretty sceptical as to what a lagswitch would do in a fighting game like this, anyway. Any network interuptions just seem to freeze the game for both players until the clients sync back up again.


I totally cringed with embarrassment for you when I read this >_< !! You are so obviously just some SF n00b that has absolutely no power to ban anyone from live and no influence over the community what so ever. Please shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.

Oh yeah…learn how to block.


Yeah, I’ve actually never heard of someone playing online having the power to ban someone for “lagswitching”. I may just be noobing out, but I don’t believe these people exist. Who do you go to to get people banned? Microsoft? Capcom? Who proves that they were “lagswitching”? Is it just your word? Who made you a “mod”, hmm?

Do you pretend to be a policeman and arrest someone when they try to make you pay for your seventh corndog?

I’ve seen your video channel. Here’s how you block an ok akuma’s crossups: [media=youtube]hF_zWjjssZI[/media]



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