Anyone ever hack up one of these Neo Geo PCB's?

So I’ve got a spare lying around and I never use the damn thing because the stick is so short, it’s loose and has short throw which just totally throws off my posture.

Anyone have any info on the PCB that’s in this sucker? Thanks.

Check on the forums for that one, I know somewhere in there people have modded the kidney stick. Not going to be easy though, no Neo stick I have ever used (all that Neo officially released) were easy to work on. If you are not comfortable with a dremel and going to town on that thing then don’t even think about it.

I’m pretty good at fabricating, custom work and pretty good with a soldering iron. Not sure what you mean by using a dremel? To extract the pcb or is the thing riveted on or something?

I’ll check out, thanks.

its probably super easy like all other older controllers. most likely common ground and has big contacts to solder on. just open it and look around…

Are you trying to just rip out the PCB or are you trying to mod the kidney stick? Your first post didn’t make that totally clear. Hell just buy a PS->Neo converter for $15 and use whatever you want.

Is it for sale or swap? I’ve always kinda wanted one of those new style Neo sticks, and I have a few of the originals, among other things.

No, sorry.

Using the PCB, modding the stick would be a bit pointless for me, it’s small, not a lot of weight and I don’t think anything good would fit in it, it’s so thin.

Suppose I could use a converter, just figured since I had this and never really used it I could make a decent arcade stick out of it for my geo.

There is no PCB, or at least no electronics. The buttons and stick are connected directly to the pins on the DB15 connector.

I see, thanks for the information. Had no idea it was just directly on the serial port. Guess that ends this thread :).

That only holds for the old style stick. The new style stick does have electronics as the inputs are sent through a hex buffer circuit, hence it needs power (+5V) to work.

Big enough button contacts? Holy hell.

a dream for those of us who suck at soldering! :rofl:

cool, didn’t know that about the kidneys.