Anyone ever had the bottom of the TE start to rust?

The bottom of my TE is starting to rust due to sweat, any ideas on getting rid of it? Would just some rust cure work? My shits got battle scars yo. Haha
Or maybe I could just buy a new bottom panel? Idk where I could find one for sale though.

Get rid of it? Well rust curing in most cases actually will eat up plastic, so I don’t recommend that.

I would sand it off. Just take some 60grit and sand it until its gone, then slowly go up in grit until it is smooth again.

I agree. Sand off the rust and switch to a smaller grit size until smooth.

I suggest (while the bottom panel still removed) to spray with rustoleum clear coat or some similar product

I’ve had this problem before. I started wearing pants while playing & problem solved…:eek:

Yeah, I always wear jeans or khakis when iIm out so this isn’t a problem for me. When I’m at home though, I play in b-ball shorts.