Anyone ever had this problem with Kaillera?

I recently bought a laptop with windows xp on it. For some reason, I get big button delay when I play on kaillera. When I play offline, there is no delay whatsoever. This is unusual because on my old computer (win98) I would play at the same exact servers and have almost no button delay. Help?

I have DSL, I use a psx->usb converter and usually have 30 ping or less.

bump, still having this problem… anyone else know what i’m talking about?

Stop your porn downloads?

Anyway, no clue except maybe close all your programs, install the newest MAME, or get a new usb converter. My challenge still stands. We never did get to have one SFA3 fight together after how many years? But, um, I’m no slouch.

Hope you’re doing ok and fix your online problem soon so I can woop you.