Anyone ever heard of this DC stick?


Sega Dreamcast - Arcade Stick

Just went up for sale in my area and I wanted to know if it’s a good deal


to play with? It’s a horrible stick. You may be able to scavenge parts off of it.


That stick is horrible. Nothing from it is salvageable.


You could maybe use the case and the controller cord. Ether or not Sanwa or Seimitsu Pushbuttons would fit or a JLF I can not tell you.


It is pretty cramped on the inside. I’ll take photos later today, but there isn’t much room for modding.


If you really want a DC stick, and only if you were on a budget, try to negotiate it down. I prefer playing on an arcade stick, but I preferred the DC pad (triggers aside) over the Topmax Enforcer.

The stick’s spring got really loose very quickly, it has a very small dead zone but a long throw. The buttons feel ok, considering they use the plastic caps as opposed to springs.

The design feels comfortable, but it is too light and has some flaws. The feet on the bottom do not grip well, so it is hard to play on a table, and playing with the controller on your lap is weird because of the curved front. I used to hate that the thing moved so much while playing.

I took some shots in case anyone ever wanted to mod this thing. At its higest point it is just under 2 inches tall. at the lowest it is just under 1 inch. you don’t have the clearance for much. maybe 1/4 inch between buttons too, and the plunger is slightly smaller than a Sanwa. In case anyone wants to see the insides Untitled-2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


If you can’t get an Agetec, I’d try something like this.

Innovation 91562 Sega Dreamcast Real Arcade Stick - Joystick-Like Controller at

Has a Neo-Geo AES clone stick in it.


I have this stick. The only reason I got it way back when was because it was $10. I put the pcb in a modded hori ex2 (Sanwa). The joystick wiring is a bit unusual. It’s not common ground and the way it setup I suspect the joystick can only register one direction at a time. Which means it can’t be used for Dance Dance Revolution.

Here’s a picture of what mean. Not 100% accurate but it gives an idea of how it wired up.

Nogood56er - take a look at the joystick wiring or even better take a picture before you start cutting wires.

If you want to use the case you can probably use 24mm buttons and Seimitsu LS-33 but the form factor of the case is not very good. I would suggest getting a different case and using the pcb. The pcb is better than the official dreamcast controller pcb because all the button are digital. The official dreamcast controller lags (trigger hack).


The stick owns, got me through a year of high school Marvel competition and I came out on top.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.