Anyone ever modded a Ascii Fighter Stick SN?

Tried a search and came up with nothing…

Has anyone ever modded one of these? I have one lying around and the case seems pretty low profile but the buttons and stick are kinda whack. They use those nipple style rubber things like in pads. I’m just wondering if anyone’s tried upgrading one and has any pics of their handywork. I’m kinda thinking get a PSX PCB in there somehow.

I could have sworn somebody somewhere said they’d modded one with Sanwa buttons. You’d just ditch the rubber parts and solder wires to the PCB’s contacts. I doubt you could do anything about the joystick though. Is it worth doing? Only if you could change the stick itself, since the stock one sucks fiercely.

I can’t tell if you could swap the sticks. Anyone know what’s the lowest profile stick and how much clearance does it need? This stick was what I grew up playing SF with so it’d be awesome to revive it.

post pics of the guts

I can try to do that soon.