Anyone ever open a SSF4 Tournament Edition S stick?

I’ve opened a regular TE before, but I can’t get this one open! Removed the 6 screws, but the plate wont lift up.

Please help!

You need to work your finger/an object around the metal plate first. I have, and at first it confused me, but there’s an adhesive that’s sticking the metal plate to the plastic rim of the stick.

Thanks Chronocide! I’ve been trying to pry off the plastic rim this whole time. Good thing I’m as good at that as I am at SSF4 (meaning I suck at both)

Well it’s glued on to it just use a pen or somethign to get one edge open and pull it open!

The adhesive that holds down the plexi is a double-sided tape. And that can be easily removed once you have the top-cover off. The tape itself is on the overlapping portion of the plexi and not the metal cover which the plexi is attached to. Keep in mind that you still need to be extremely careful of removing the plexi/topcover as the possibility exsists that you may bend or crack that overlapping portion while you are prying it off for the first time. The metal topcover is still of the same dimensions that is on the round one and two TE’s. The only signiificant change to the topcover in the TE:S is that there is no plastic bezel and the plexi itself covers the entire top surface.

Izzy’s personal advice is to leave the double-sided tape intact to prevent damage to plexi’s corners. I would only remove it if you plan on routinely opening the stick for modding purposes.

Izagaia how risky is it to open the TE-S on top? I’m worried about ruining my Plexi, seems very difficult to mod compared to the original TE sticks

its not risky at all, it is very thin and flexible.

use a butter knife.