Anyone ever order from Arcade Shock?

Sorry if this is innapropriate but I ordered some OBSF’s and a balltop from Arcade Shock a while back, last tuesday to be exact. They still haven’t come in. Anyone ever order from them because it’s taking unusually long for it to arrive to my P.O. Box, is this normal from them?

If you’re talking about this past tuesday, that’s only 4 days. Most places take 5-7 from what I’ve found. shrug

I say give it till tuesday, that’ll be a week. If they don’t arrive by then, then I’d give 'em an e-mail or call.

Emailed them a while back assuring me they’ve been shipped. It’s been over a week now and shipping’s only supposed to take about 3 days.

So what day did they ship? maybe you ordered tuesday they shipped wednesday so monday will be 3 days.
doesn’t 3 day shipping come with a tracking number or anything? also if you paid by creditcard and paypal your safe with chargeback in case something happens anyway, and sometimes the mail system is slow

In that case give 'em a buzz.

Priority mail doesn’t come with tracking unless you pay a seperate fee, the status says ordered but he keeps saying they’re shipped, and I ordered them on the 1st.

I’ve ordered MAS sticks from them a couple times and never had a problem so I wouldn’t worry.

I’m pretty sure 3 days is how long it would take before they actually ship it and not in how many days you would recieve it. Unless you payed extra for shipping like next day air theres nothing to freak out about. I understand the anticipation of waiting to get a package you ordered, checking your doorstep and mailbox 24/7. Just be patient, if you recieve it within a week thats actually fast.

I’m beginning to lose faith here. It’s been 3 weeks and he keeps changing his story on when it’s actually been shipped and it’s yet to arrived.

Cash back, that’s what it’s there for.