Anyone ever play The Grid?

Me personally, I think this is Ed Boon’s greatest contribution to gaming.


Take Unreal Tournament or Quake 3, give it an wilder number of weapons, and characters with special abilities and you have The Grid. And yes that is the Announcer from Smash TV.

I loved this game. I played it to hell and back, and I cannot believe it was never ported and there has been zero documentation on any attempts at emulating it. A sad day. But my hope is to recreate the game in Mod form.

Game was decent but I loved it’s predecessor, War: Final Assault. [media=youtube]xtmuiLT5tVI[/media] . Played the crap out of this thing in college, even made a website for it.

I used to play the hell out of The Grid!

They should of ported it as a XBLA/PSN game, that would of been easy.

Except nerf Noob Saibot, he was way too broken!

You’ve got TWO minutes, to get EIGHT points. Gooooood luck runs away fabulously

Whenever I played The Grid at my local arcade, it always seemed like everyone who played against me was better than me. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a scene for it at some point.