Anyone ever played these old fighting games?

Perfect Soldier - this game was very old and it’s easy to understand why this game never made it big. The characters at the time looked original (Arabian Moon comes to mind) but the move list? That’s another story. From Arabian Moon’s Lightning Kick to Broadway’s low Spinning Bird Kick type of move, it was essentially a ripoff of Street Fighter. And Broadway’s sprite was badly animated as you could not even see her face properly.

Time Killers - Now, this game is just bad, plain and simple. Enough to make some of the really bad games look like spectacular masterpieces. The fact that knocking off your head instantly wins you the match was implemented wrongly.

Pretty Soldier - The very first all female fighting game. It was… interesting to say the least. All eight women looked and played differently but I never played the game to the end to see if there was a boss.

Ranma 1/2 (1,2 or 3) - I played 2 and 3 and I must say that 3 was a decent game. I think the second one came to the states.

Sailor Moon SuperS - The only one of two Sailor Moon games I ever played. Some girls looked strange and the CPU was strong.

Gal Fighters - This one was definitely unique. For some reason the computer would block all of your super moves unless you used them in a combo.

Do any of you remember playing these games?

Ranma 1/2 1 and 2 came to america, but 1 was redrawn totally and called Street Combat. 2 was Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle, and was fun…the soundtrack owned. Ranma 1/2 3: Super Hard Battle was supposed to come out here (I even have magazines with the ads), but it got snuffed.

Speaking of old fighters, I just kinda re-discovered TMNT:Tournament Fighters. (SNES)God I missed this game…

P.S. Happy B-day to me! :clap:

time killers is awesome…button mash until you hack ur opponent apart…

Martial Champion bitches. :rock:

I still play GF on a regular basis due to Shermie. :F
Iori in the drag as the final boss. :rofl:

Yeah IREM caught the vapors from alot of American gamers for Street Combat. Such a retarded move they did just cuz they were worried about their pockets.
I used to play Hard Battle alot. At at one point came close to getting a copy of Ranma 1/2 pt. 3 for my Super Famicom system. I still have a magazine ad of it when it was supposed to come out in the US under the name “Anything Goes Martial Arts”.

Hard Battle was dope.

Time Killers was actually really popular at the arcde here years ago.

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Any of you remember that fighting game where you played as animals? They had a rabbit and shit.

Wasn’t that called Brutal or something like that?

Brutal: Paws of Fury. The Snes version owns, visually and soundtrack-wise (Foxy Roxy’s stage bgm is awesome), but a lot of the moves are too hard to do. There’s a mugen remake that uses sf motions for the moves, and has new special attacks as well. Totally sweet. Here.

you should check out the combo vid i made for that game

Anyone remeber Pretty Fighter and Pretty Fighter X? The only games that i know of had a evil nun as the boss.

don’t even get me started on “Strip fighter 2” that was a terrible game.

Hahaha, Strip Fighter 2 = hentai fanservice.

So how does that game work?

I have a Power Instinct 1 PCB coming as we speak…not sure how it is but looks like a old fun fighter.

IIRC, win the first round and you’re shown a photo of a woman that looks only vaguely like your opponent’s sprite. Win the 2nd round and you’re shown the same photo again, but with the clothing removed.

:clap: Gratz – I love mine.


I had a rom of that on my modded XBox. One of those games that you’ll catch yourself tapping the start button until the right frame when you do a high kick or something.

All it is, whatever character you used, every round you win, you get a cut scene of her stripping down. When the match is ultimately over, you see her straight up naked. The gameplay sucks, it’s hard to do special moves, so most of the time you can rely on crouching low kicks and the cpu will fall for it everytime on wakeup. (edit: already been answered)

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What’s ironic, most of the fonts in the game was ripped from Street Fighter 2.

I can’t post the link to screen shots, so go to in the Turbografx 16/PC Engine Gamepics section.