Anyone ever used Wire Glue on a project?

Just saw this here, and it looks pretty cool.

I would imagine it’s not great for really small points (like on a pcb), but it would definately be good for wires and anything else that just needed a quick easy fix without messing with solder.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience using it. I’d like to know how well it worked.

I don’t see the point. You have to let that dry overnight. Solder is a quick secure bond and is probably much easier to work with.

Yeah, it says overnight, but I doubt it really takes that long for most small applications.

If you’re just using a toothpick to dab a spot or apply a very small amount it’s probably just like any other superglue. Probably sets in about 20-30 seconds.

I’ve never used a glue of any type that took overnight to fully set when you’re only using a pin pricks worth.

It’s amazing to me how far people will go to avoid soldering.

With that said, this is the first I’ve seen of such stuff. Thanks for pointing it out.

i would pass on it for one simple reason. How do you remove it if you have made a bad connection by mistake?

I was thinking the exact same thing.

I’m trying to think of a good use for it, because it seems like a cool idea. But every time I think of something I can think of a pretty big drawback.

I guess if you need a quick fix to something simple, like a speaker or household electronics or wires it would work ok.

I just thought it was interesting. It actually just popped up on my Think Geek update yesterday.

I have. I only use it for projects that have wire wrap poles. I just used it on a power supply the other day that would NOT take solder, no matter what I tried. So I wire wrapped and hit it with the wire glue.

It sets up roughly the consistency of a conductive epoxy that you’ll find on some pcbs. I wouldn’t use it as a replacement for solder, but it could be useful for adding mechanical strength to a connection.