Anyone ever wire a DB-25 before?

Ok, I am about to start my massive MAS stick mod and I need to use DB-25 connectors. I have one male and 2 female. The male one seems easy, the pins come on a row that you pop off and push through until you can see the pin. The female ones are a bit different. If you push them through, you cant see the pin. My questions are these:

  1. how deep do you push the pins in on the females? If I really push it in it will go so deep into the connector that I cannot fish it out unless there is a wire to it already. I am trying to make sure it will be deep enough to make contact with the male.

  2. Is it best to solder the wires to them?

I’d love to hear why it NEEDS to be 25 pin.

The kind with the crimp on and poke through connections are alright, but I dont trust them. The pins, especially on the male one, seem wobbly and weak. Solder cub versions of D-Sub connectors are better IMHO

  1. There should be a ‘click’ when it gets in to the correct depth. Do NOT try to insert them until the wire has been crimped to the connector.

  2. If you do the crimp properly, there should be no need to solder the wire to the connector. You can if you want to.

I am trying to make a dual PCB MAS mod. Here is the page where I get some good advice from Paik4Life in the padhacking thread: