Anyone ever

Get embarrassed like this on stage and then wig out like a girl?

haha real life rage right there!

awesome how he didn’t get another hit on juicebox after he taunted.

Hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this clip posted. Like ever.

I lied, I haven’t seen it from that view lol

Apology accepted.

Millionaire autism battle 2001

so like, does juice box really have some sort of mental problem or something? when i first saw him (at last years evo) doing that abel movements during his ultra i thought he was just being a douchebag and cocky. but after seeing him this year at evo i feel kind of bad cause now it seems like he has some mental issue. i even heard skill mention autism.

if that is the case, i feel bad for thinking he was a douche back then :frowning:

did you really made a new account just to post that video??
you must really hate that sore Blanka player :rofl:

match suxed for him but even worst how i think people were chanting sominthin like “you f’d up, you f’d up!”

It probably didn’t help that after Juicebox won any round, I stood up and screamed “SAAAAIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” at the top of my lungs :rofl:

i just got scraped 3 rounds in a row lemme taunt now - oops

Nah, I think he just does it to get hype, although he might have ADHD given the incessant rocking back and forth, but I doubt he’d be so good if he had ADHD. Autism wouldn’t make him rock back and forth and act out ultras, ADHD is the only thing I can think of that would. Even if he has ADHD, not a mental handicap, just makes him act funny and gives him a ton of fans.

Nah I was right behind Juicebox watching him play Sabin and other casual matches in the Salty Suite. Dude is pretty effin’ nice.

He should just get an evo ban for next year for acting this retarded, honestly.

Like scumbag can afford to fly to japan.

That’s why I said next year, not “for the next evo in japan this september” :stuck_out_tongue: