Anyone experienced against Ibuki?



any tips? she has a lot of mix ups


Burn an ex upper to get out of the vortex. Half the time you will catch her trip guard and get a free combo. Don’t jump because her st strong is a great anti air and leads to alot of damage. If you block an ex up kick start holding focus incase she throws a kunai. If she does you get a free crumple. Spin kick x2 st forward into more spin kicks is not a true block string so thats afree headbutt. Consistently anti air her and avoid mix up and this match should be in the bag.


Don’t get knocked down. It’s an uphill battle once you get knocked down. Be wary of her EX DP when you’re pressuring her. I find Ibuki players are much more willing to throw that out since it becomes a 50-50. You can try FA’ing after you block it, but I found that if you burn an ex meter and ex Rush you will end up on the other side if she does a Kunai follow up, and you will hit her if she doesn’t. Idk if this works all teh time but it’s just something I’m going off memory for.


damn yall just dropped some top notch knowledge right there. heading to EVO and clakeyD is in my pool. it’s gonna be interesting


If you notice the pattern and can guess really well (or you find out the setups sometime between now and then), you can just wakeup FADC backdash and it’s pretty neutral. If you look at Daigo’s set with that Ibuki at Revelations I think, he did that almost exclusively to exit the vortex. Dont ask me what the setups are though lol.


you can’t wakeup FADC backdash on kunai crossup, i dont know what youre getting at

its an autosweep, or ex spinkicks after that


Ex upper is a pretty safe exit option. You recover right as she recovers. Double tap to make sure you get reversal timing


Yes I believe she can punish it, but only if she’s looking for it, I don’t think it’s an auto-sweep since she won’t be in range after backdash, ex kicks will cause you to flip out. I don’t know any setups so I can’t even test it. This is what i’m talking about though.


Yeah it’s good to throw out every now and then to FADC backwards and what not, but the game gets confused sometimes and instead your back-back input gets “auto-corrected” and it dashes you towards Ibuki after the kunai instead of the dashing out. It definitely is an option though.


Depending on the setup that Ibuki uses for the UKD, you might hit her during her landing if the EX RU autocorrects, which is always beneficial. Also, try to always have charge after blocking her DP or Hien, then do reversal HK RU. You’ll hit her out of the air if she doesn’t follow up with Kunai, and you’ll end up behind her if she throws it, giving you a free combo.


you need to keep in mind a neckbreaker os while dealing with her vortex.
Always so dashing is no good no good, headbutt… nothing, just block and try to know what tc she is goind for if she’s using a lp-mk-hp headbutt her ass
if she go for the mk backdash or keep on blocking.
don’t be afraid to get thrown and if you want to do it but delay it to the third frame
ibuki has ton of ft that can be tricky. for example she can go from mk to backkicks and 2 two of these with another mk or going to a third low kick for a knockdown
keep your space and don’t make her run away. if the bj ex.rush upper your way to her face but be aware that good ibuki user might not throw the kunai and go for the tc to break your armor… but it’s quite hard and a lot prefer to not bj knowing the risk
if you block her kazekiri (dp) dash forward and punish, the dash will avoid the kunai she might throw to cover her landing and will put you in range for your favorite combo.

hope this help


JESUS thank you for posting this…

I went to the Ibuki forum to ask them what I should do and they were very much assholes.
Typical ibuki though AM I RITE ROGS?


Laugh at how many scrubby Ibuki players there are online. They’ll act like they don’t care but will still rage.


reversal TAP also gets you out and creates distance for free. It’s baitable, but worth keeping in mind if you don’t have/don’t want to burn a stock for EX RU