Anyone familiar with this ps2/dc pcb?

Guy says its from a MAS Systems Super Pro stick. Im just wondering if their are any known problems with this PCB. And if the ps2 side will work with adapters, the ps3 inpin specifically.
Will save me the time of hacking a madcatz dc pad for my project box

[] PS2 to PS3/PC USB adapters will work
] I haven’t had any of these PCB’s fail on me yet (fingers crossed), but I have heard some people mention shoddy soldering and bad leads on their PCBs.
[*] Don’t know if that means that you could fry your DC controller ports if that board is bad, but it probably means some multimeter testing is in your future just to be safe.

Thats somewhat good news. I have no problem looking over the board and redoing some of the soldering if it looks iffy. thats not a big deal. ill have to brush up about testing since its been forever since ive used a multimeter.
thanks man

edit- Im sure this wont be an issue but there isnt any funy button configs on these right? When i wire it up it should be


X O R2

That solder blob on the PCB by that one lone resistor does not look too good.

yeah, i noticed that, i def will be cleaning that up, guy says it works. So that plus anything else that looks bad on the bottom of the pcb too