Anyone feel like drawin something?

hey guys im gettin a custom stick from someone off this forum… i have a shitload of art and sf characters but nothing really cool to suit a stick…

just seeing if anyones bored in the next couple days if you feel like drawing a balrog related picture, it will be featured on a stick :slight_smile: i have nothing to offer but a few bucks through paypal if you want… anything would be greatly appreciated.

just post here or pm me if youre up for it!

my idea is an all black background with a cool art/graffiti style balrog doing a mean pose or about to punch or something… or even a whole closeup of balrogs face with just showing the edges of his gloves like hes holding them up in a boxing stance…

lemme know!

I might be interested!

i found this…sounded like what you wanted

thats pretty sick but i dont think thatd work on a stick… nice find though!

if that could somehow be modified or redrawn to suit an arcade stick style thatd be freakin amazing!

You could use a program to make it larger, or smaller

yes i could change the resolution, but wouldnt that sacrifice the quality due to the original being this size? blownig it up would worsen it and would look like crap on the stick… hence the request :slight_smile:

i wish i was talented enough to do this crap but i dont have time to learn photoshop or anything… thx guys!

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