Anyone find any good stick stands?


If so whered you get it? As a player whom enjoys standing up to play, i’ve been searching for the right stand. I’m about 5’ 8". I’ve tried a few different foldable tv trays with no success. Please share your experiences.


I’ve thought about getting those rollable hospital tables that they use for the beds. They’re height-adjustable and the wheels lock. My mom works at a hospital, so if they were getting rid of any, id be able to see if she could procure one.



try a music keyboard stand.


A couple good ideas. But those sound like very expensive/ hard to obtain items…something from
Wal mart or home depot would be a great suggestion!


Another thing you can try is a photo tripod, though I think they’re pricey too.


I bought a wooden one from walmart for $8. Just a tv dinner foldable tray. Not the greatest but for $8 wanted to try it. It looks cool cause the wood is a dark color. To be honest though I haven’t hardly played on it. If anyone is interested I’ll play on it today and give my impressions on how sturdy it is.


I used to velcro-mount two sticks to my desk for a makeshift cabinet.