Anyone for 3s mms?

Nothing over 15$ each match plz UNLESS we discuss it or i set the stakes when asked to.

max of 200$ total.

I will play ANYONE, american, japanese, pro, scrub… w/e


Sanchez - 2/3 for 5$
Ghaleon - 3/5 for 10$
KrsJin - 3/5 for 10$
FlashMetroid - 2/3 for 10$
IronFist - 2/3 for 10$
Neiman - 2/3 for 10$
Amir - 3/5 for 10$
let blood run - race to 5 for 10$
ringopan- 3/5 for 10
Bullet Tooth- 2/3 for $10
J.D - race to 10 for $30
yoooooon - 3/5 for 15$
Supaman - 2/3 for lunch

edit: got a pay check, gona bet that away lol

when ever u wanna play the MM, find me…

this is my stick

I’ll go with you in 3S. Go ahead and name your prefered count/cash value. I was thinking something like 3/5 for 20$, but whatever you’d want is fine.

My real name is Christian, I’ll go by KrsJin there too. If that helps you find me.

ill play you. 2/3 for $15 sounds good.

First hit for ONE dollar American…

Or 2/3 for FIVE?

2/3 for $10? Sanchez, I’ll play you for $10 too if you like.

Shit, I’m down. I’ll play you for lunch.

ill take that 2/3 for 15. im also taking mm’s as well so get at me if u want to try to get at me.

ft5 for 15.

looking to do more 5/10$ matches than 15’s guys… so maybe… i’ll let u know in a few days

I’m fine with whatever amount, just wana play. So you name it, I’ll play it.

3/5 for 10?

Sounds good to me.


3/5 for 10.

2/3 for a beer (winner picks). How about it?


i don’t drink

but sure, i’ll play u for a soda or somthing.

3/5 $10 sounds good.

2/3 for 10

ill take that bet man.

also shodokan ill play you ft5 for 10 if you want.

ryan, if I see you at evo, lets play for a beer or something.