Anyone from Hong Kong here and play SF4 Bison?

I will play in Mongkok nearly every day using M bison. Guys, let’s go play together so we can exchange our idea how to build a stronger Dictator. There is a few people playing there.

yup, I’m in HK. WHen you wanna go?


i found my own kind :lovin::lovin:

i actually testing out char and dictator is one of them

I will go at night , from 6 to 9pm. I am going now .

I’ll probably go this Sat afternoon

ill go sat too.

im the boxer with a pair of studs

I’m the guy who only plays dictator

hey man, me too, I use only dictator. When will you show up? I see few, very few people using dictator here in Mongkok.
so bad I cannot come in this Sat.

damn, sucks that you can’t make it this sat.

I show up pretty randomly. I have yet to see another dictator who can beat mines, and I’m not even that good. So that tells you how few people play him in MK.

ill use dictator then :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t live in HK but I travel there to visit family on occasion. What part of Mong Kok is the arcade in? I have general knowledge of the area, but I’ve never checked out the arcades (and certainly not since SF4 was first released).

outside exit D of the mk mtr station. mk gamezone.

i am from there

i’m from there!, and wow hot avater ephemeral

Thanks! I’ve passed by that place before, though never went in. Guess there’s a reason to do so now, if I’m ever in the area.


i was undefeated for 2 hours (balrog)

my bison beasted 15 wins total. then VRViper came.
we shared a bison til some pro vega came :frowning:
my balrog came back and beasted again
what a saturday.

chaos + spit0flip + lawyuklun
spar sometime soon?

gimme a week to read up on vega and I’ll pwn him. I honestly don’t think he was that good compared to the Ryu and your blanka friend.

well i did get to round 5 on bison. hes hard to rushdown with those silly jabs

I’m from US but recently just moved back to HK, I use Ken. I’m the tall girl you’ll recognize me, come say hi.