Anyone from the Carlsbad, NM area

I know it’s a long shot and I don’t think they even have an arcade version of MvC2 here, but I thought I’d post up and see if there is anyone…

i am in artesia, about 30 minutes away from carlsbad

I’m from Las Cruces, but that’s kind of far from Carlsbad. We’ve got MVC2 in a decently sized city (compared to the rest of NM).

Southblvd - Do you play MVC2? If so, you should go to one of the upcoming Alb. tournies, in March or May.

I think I might have seen you before, South. Hmmm. Should we go to Cruces and check it out?

Row, does anyone there happen to have PS2 version? Since there is no arcade version here, I have to practice on the PS2 controller. I’m a little rusty on an arcade stick.

Just to let you know, the PS2 version is far from aracde perfect. I’ve still got it, though. We basically just use the Dreamcast version, but I have a PS2 to DC converter. If you do go to Tilt, you MIGHT find someone to play, but I almost guarantee they’re some dumbass scrub who thinks they’re the shit because they can beat their friends. Whatever, there’s quite a few decent MVC2 players in the LC/EP area, and a lot of them post here.

I think almost all of us have a stick, all configured differently. You’ll probably like one of them, lol.

If you wanna come down, just let us know so we can plan ahead and make sure no one’s working or anything.

I’ve heard the stories that the PS2 version is junk, but it plays just the same as the arcade (except for some game breaking glitches) from my experience. I’m just used to the button configuration on PS2 (R1 = punchx2, etc). But it’s cool, I can use the stick, just not as well. I’ll be sure to post or send a PM when I head that way.

yea i play MvC2, and Utsu… hmmm that name is familiar… hahaha Actually Row, me and Utsu are good friends lol. I think it would be cool to go down to Cruces/EP and have some matches sometime. whenever utsu wants to go maybe we can go.


i’ll go to cruces to play, and any tournies they may have in alb.

This weekend, if you can, would be cool.

i would have to get off work a couple of weeks in advance
maybe 2 weeks from now on a weekend
i’ll let you know

Hey guys i’m in abq. I occasionally pop in to try and find some comp. but nothing ever pans out. Just thought I’d say hey. What are these tournies you speak of?

Well, the last one was at some Howard Johnson hotel. Mostly SC2 players, but it was still really cool.

We’re going back up in May, so if you play MVC2, you should go to that tourney.

Yo i’m in rio rathole. I remember your last thread a few months ago Ishtar. I go to coronado mall like once a week or so to play GGXX, they have tekken 5 there but i dont play.


That’s cool. I im not really good at ggxx but I play a bit. I only play 3d fighters casually. I play Capcom fighters more. But still play snk & sammy stuff. haven’t been to Coronado In a while, but they used to have quite a few 2d fighters. Let me when you usualy go, I might try to get down there one of these days.

I should be at coronado all this weekend cause they got a few new games. I only touch the 2D fighters unless they get virtua fighter sometime. Hopefully we can get some people to show up.


Dude I always post then flake for a couple of weeks, not checking the forums.

hahaha yea, i noticed.