Anyone get minor tourettes when they lose?

I find myself yelling, “Fuck, whore! Ass shit!”" and the such when I lose? Kinda funny, cause I’ll come to it and be like “oh, nice setup man”

Bob Saget!!!

I usually only curse (now-a-days) when I’m hitting the bag, works so much more to beat the crap out of something and what not XD. Other than that I usually laugh off most stuff that I don’t htink is bs.

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i show my anger by hitting the top 3 punches really hard
or the whole panel with my palm >______<

I manically cackle, for two reasons.

  1. I’m excited because I have a challenge.
  2. It scares the living shit out of the person beside me or really throws their composure off. It’s even funnier when they inch away.

Only if I’m on dat Madden yo.

I usually find myself cussing at the character i picked, like they had a mind of there own lol


forget that if I lose while playing dat Madden someone’s getting shanked! :annoy::nunchuck::annoy::nunchuck:

Everytime I die in Gears.


Kris G has a great losing scream of, ‘I SUCK!!’ really loud. I steal it and use it from time to time.

Derek Daniels

No, my soon-to-be-unconcealed sawed off usually does the talking for me…

One of my friends gets rather vocal when he loses. Even better, he recently started playing Madden '07. I wouldn’t call it “minor Tourette’s,” because there is nothing minor about it. An excerpt:


I have taken to switching on my digital voice recorder every time he selects a play, because something entertaining usually follows.

I spent 5 dollar trying to beat a friend of mine one time and I got mad and hit the wall. The problem was I’ve beaten him before and usually we go back and forth. But after 10 matches man I was really out of it then.

Whenever I lose I usually punch the shit out of my opponent, then extend my arm towards him saying “good match”

I once broke a keyboard in half at a major lan. And then proceeded to yell at my team outloud like they were children.

i’d go fuck, the sticks here sucks/broken

Whenever I lose, I just point and yell " LOOK OVER THERE!!!" And as they turn their head, I whip out my junk in stick it in their ear. Then, I follow up and say " BOOM… HEADSHOT". Finally while they have the look of sheer confusion on their face, I silently tip-toe out the room. No HOMO.

I used to get pretty hot when I lost, cursing and all that.

Now I just try and brush it off as best I can. I play too many good people to play angry nowadays.

usualy if the match is real close and i lose due to myself fucking something up
ill yell fuck

I am known to yell at my characters, like calling psylocke a stupid little whore that knows better than to come out during a hailstorm or sentinel as a big fucking piece of metal shit.