Anyone getting massive input drops in Online Edition?

I’ve been playing 3rd Strike OS for a few days and the game is practically unplayable. I’ve played maybe 17 matches in the last 24 hours and have had maybe 10-13 input drops. Simple things like Parries, Hadokens, links like Yun’s LP/LK/MP/Lunge Punch or in Akuma’s case, Demon Flip, MK to Tatsu or MP to SA1 refuse to even come out. Its not my stick cause it works fine with other games so I thought it was my TV so I tested it on a old CRT and I’m still getting the same thing. Anyone having issues with input drops in this game?

Capcom should be ashamed of themselves for even putting trash like this out.

10-13, that’s precise!
I guess you talk about online matches, so those inputs drops are “normal” and mean connection with your opponent is not good enough.
If it was offline, it’s probably your fault.

Rarely is the case that I don’t pull off what I intend. Unless I’m on psn, that shit drops my ex moves all day. It isn’t white the case with xbl

Online stuff drops all the time. Offline not, as far as I’ve noticed.

i drop inputs on 3S: Versus City Edition all the time.

because i suck.

if you’re playing online blame it on packet loss.

I wish they’d lost the derek neal packet

The issue guys is its happening per match sometimes. It feels like its eating up my inputs and not even recognizing them. Its fine offline but on online, it happens at inconvenient times and costs me matches. I can’t even understand how Derek Neal was able to get a project like this.

never found any issues with input drop. i only play yellow/green matches. can parry fine and everything I do comes out fine.

i tried to use a converter and experienced insane amount of input drops. if you use one, get rid of it.

ggpo lag drops inputs. i always miss ex and when i try to throw sometimes ill get like st short or st jab.

I can never tech throws online

no one ever techs my throws online. it could be input drops but I prefer to think that they’re just mindfucked by my mixup games.

Trying to tech throws online always led me to mashing on throw when I wanted to tech offline so I just stopped teching shit online. Random tatsumaki is good enough lol

I’ve experienced input drops on both GGPO and 2DF(I’ve had a much better overall experience on the latter though). Even when I eventually got used to input delay from either the USB converter or the monitor, I’ve missed a basic juggle like Q’s C&DB->EX Dash Punch->HK way too many times. I don’t even want to get started on late throw techs and karathrows…