Anyone getting the new gp2x?

Looks pretty cool , Im really interested in the pdf feature and the emulation of course!

anyone in here considering getting one as well?


when i read the description it said portable meltyblood

Uh… is that 2 dpads? WTF are they smoking?
Overall though looks better designed than the regular 2x ( I had one that the joystick broke on), but they need to think about how the hell you can play a game with that setup.

I did some checking, and I don’t think this dude is a bot. Just saying in case the Tech Talk mods are going to ban him as one, like I thought about doing.

Regardless, this thread does not belong in GD.

OLED has me sold I’ve been wanting a Gp2x for awhile now and with that and actually using a lithium battery over the AA’s is a pretty good selling point to me. To bad they always got some crazy button setup I’ll see how bad this actually ruins the experience before I buy.

Anybody had hands on with the F200? is it any good?

for a second, i thought you were talking about the “pandora”

Oh Im sorry guys , I did not wanted to look like I was spamming or anything like that

heres the article I saw of this console it has a pretty long jpeg ad

the pc in question

edit : removed the img tag it was way too long for that

Snake on dope for evo.