Anyone going clubbing/after parties

I thought of setting up this idea a year ago and no one decided to post a thread like so therefore I thought this would be good if the majority of all the street fighter heads out there would organize something collectively to after when the tournament sessions are over and the nights are free…

-anybody down to goto the dance clubs?
-go gamble together so we don’t all feel like strangers

I heardgetting free drinks in vegas is easy… play at tables or sit down at slot machines … wait for one of the vegas drink servers to pass you by … ask for your drink… play a few rounds in the machine… hit the next spot when your done thirsty… I’ve read this on google it works perfect.

I intend to go a club one of the nights. Not sure which night yet, probably (Fri or Sat). The free drink think really does work. You don’t even need to pretend to you are even playing. Although the drinks or free, it is common courtesy to tip the waiter.

thinking of pure club in caesars one of these nights :lovin:

Setting up a event for a bunch of guys to get into a Vegas club in the middle of summer.

…Good luck with that

Definetely going out just like last year. For free drinks i just wait for a waitress to walk by then i put a $50 in a slot machine and act like im big money. Then immediately eject the cash and collect my $50 once i get my drink.

^ if your guy to girl ratio isn’t atleast 1:2… good luck getting into the hot clubs (XS, tao, pure, etc.). though me and my friends found a group of girls to get into tao @ last year’s evo. i guess you can try your luck doing that

:bluu: if you think a waitress is impressed by $50 in a slot machine.

Girls, Bottle Service, and Promoters are your best way of getting into a super club. Bottle Service is really good at Pure, but its expensive, If you don’t want to wait in line and are willing to spend money, those front of line passes actually work, you just need girls with you.

I’m going to talk to the promoter I used the last few times I’ve gone to Vegas and see what the best club to go is this weekend.

i’m gonna assume 90% of asian guys who i see wearing clubbing attire at night were there for the weekend bc of evo. lol.

LMAO Big Baller.


Anyone drinking at Caesars tonight?

Some of us went to Pure last night but it sucked so we moved over to Shadow. Pure should be on and popping tonight. If you are staying at Caesars you will get in free before midnight as long you have your Room Key. If anyone wants join me at Pure tonight PM me. I already lost my pool (I got murdered on the livestream) so I’m done competing

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nope. world series of poker is in town too. thats why im here, though i might stop by and spectate evo for a bit