Anyone going to final round?

I’m going down there for the first time. Anyone else from the vega threads?

Hey, I’ll be there. My tourney handle will be Farinasty.

i’ll probably start going next year now that i have a job. I miss my home town

I’ll be there for the first time competing in a major

ALRIGHT! I just went winter brawl and now i’m hooked on majors.

Next year let’s all meet up and hang out

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i will be there friday morning. im stayin at venue with a bunch of friends. my tag will be tsc Spitfire

A really good Vega will be in attendance there. I met him at a local Florida tourney a few weeks back. Goes by Shin Phoenix. Anywho sadly I cannot make it up to FR due to money issues, but if you guys are going to CEO I would be glad to meet up with anyone for some casuals.

what part of FLA is he from? I’m almost positive that I saw him on a stream before.

What does he look like?

Why tsc again

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i couldnt just get spitfire

The Splendid Claw? lol

I was at Metrocon in Tampa and this guy sat down next to me in casuals and picked Vega. He told me he trained with Chris King and Tatsu so I was ready for a fight. Vega vs Vega. I ended up winning but never got the guy’s name. He was really good, though.

That’s my friend Akeem he’s on SRk as nauflip, infact he was just in Japan with Chris King but he returned I think yesterday.

Yeah that was the guy! Tell him I said what’s up!

Ok that is a face palm moment

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Shin is from ATL. He is very solid and knows Vega well.

Sure thing, he still remembers you