Anyone going to SB4?

Have any people from the northwest coast signed up? Seems like it will be packed to the maximum thanks to SFIV grossness. It was packed last year without sfiv so I am hesitant to make the trip out this year. I do want revenge because I got destroyed last time but if no one is going it will not be as fun. Despite all the guaranteed down/back action for this year it should still be interesting. I will be surprised if no one gets stabbed this year. One time I got fucking furious over a $2 MM in Sfiv, so I can only imagine some serious ish going down at Momo’s.

Hey Pablo if your going let me room with you or something for cheap and I’ll go as well, even though I can’t make it till late Friday lol

We’ll see for sure when we get to then though, I wanna enter real bad but I gotta see if I can actually make it to play or not!

How much does it cost to fly out there?

I dunno but I wanna go if SF4 starts on Saturday and not Friday.

Jesus that fucking avatar.

SB4 is next month? That’s a little too short notice for me =[.

Rofulz. I downed a six pack and that is best I could come up with.

I am 80% sure that I will not be going. Figured there is still some hype with evo, NWM, and the FrankestDankest Wars that there would be some seattle interest. All I know is that the hotel right next to the locale fills up quick.


Yeah Frank October 16-18.